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  1. John R. says:

    Thanks for the tips. It will surely help a lot. Just keep in mind to research all the movers you communicate with. Sometimes the same company call several times under different names.

  2. Beside the advertisement policies and promises of Cross country moving companies there can be a dark side too. One should take advice of those who have better experiences while doing so. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Good point John. I’ve heard that the moving broker companies call under different company names. But if you make your research you will be able to differentiate the companies you are speaking with if they are real or fake ones.

  4. Mj Gore says:

    Get additional insurance on the move and the movers will take extra care packing your items.

    I would really like to know who thought this up. One of the things from the old school that movers are/were taught is to treat all belongings all moves the same.

    • Hey Mj Gore,

      Thanks for the comment. This is an assumption I made based on the insurance itself. I agree that most reputable professional cross country movers pack all household items with the same care.

      But there is something else when we speak about valuable items. When one insures it’s items with additional moving insurance, he estimates all of the item’s costs and declares them to the insurance agency. That way, the movers will be prepared about the delicate items and the insurance itself and will usually pay extra attention to those insured items and also plan their position in the truck in advance.

  5. ssmovers says:

    Thanks Martin Panayotov, there are lots of tips which are so much helpful. I hope you’ll provide us some tips about forgotten items when we move.

    Thanks again..

  6. Sheila Gibbs Moody says:

    you will not loose much money. Should be….you will not lose much money. I can't help it, I am a retired English teacher. This website was very helpful.

  7. Sheila Gibbs Moody says:

    you will not loose much money. Should be….you will not lose much money. I can't help it, I am a retired English teacher. This website was very helpful.

  8. Stefanie says:

    Go to http://www.protectyourmove.gov. Then go to the BBB.
    At Protect Your Move you can enter the name of the moving company and see if they are even currently licensed to work. I found out one of the movers who contacted me had been suspended. You can also see driving records. One company was allowing their drivers to drive for too many hours. This site also clearly explains the difference between a binding agreement and non-binding (an estimate, which is later updated, after your goods are weighed. Cannot exceed 10% of your original quote), as well as insurance coverage.
    I am moving across country in May. I’m hoping for a great experience.

    • michele says:

      If you end up happy with your movers can you let us know who you used? I just checked out all the people who sent me quotes through moving.com and all are a nightmare. I have a reputable guy in CT but he only does local moves and I’m going to Denver and no one I know seems to have anyone they’d want to use again for long distance. Thanks and best of luck with your move!

      • Catherine Rabidou says:

        I live in Westchester and moving only 15 min away. I was wondering if you could give me the name and # of the reputable guy in Conn. that you mentioned. Thanks, Catherine

      • Christina D says:

        Hi Michele,

        I was wondering what company you decided to go with? I will be moving from CT to Denver in a few weeks and was hoping you may have a recommendation. Hope your move went well and you are enjoying CO!

      • sara says:

        I am also moving CT to Denver in July who did you end up using? We are trying to use PODs but our condo assoc. is not too privy about it

        • Kim says:

          We also are moving from Westchester to Colorado, and are thinking of doing it ourselves. not sure about moving companies after seeing what people have experienced here.

    • Eve says:

      Stephanie, I am reading a post you wrote in January about moving cross country. I hope your move went well and am wondering if you can recommend (or not recommend!) a mover (NY to CA). Thanks!

    • Helen Martyn says:

      Hi Stephanie, I am moving from Los Angeles to Chapel Hill, North Carolina in May. I have never moved out of state. 30 years ago I used Bekins to move locally and they hire xcons who steal. I am afraid, can you help? Helen in Calabasas.

  9. Jessica Zazzle Bazinga says:

    I used WorldWide Movers and then after I paid the deposit and sign the contract they sourced me out to a company called "cross country movers".. they picked up my stuff and put it in another storage unit somewhere then 2 weeks later when I called to see where all my stuff was they proceeded to tell me it hadn't even been in "transit" yet. Now it's 21 days later, they never returned my phone calls and haven't heard a word from them. To top it off the A**hat that I planned the whole thing with David, he said a week, then quoted my studio and my belonging at $1300.., then this x country company shows up and because they knew I was in a jam and had to have my stuff moved that day after being scr***d by another company and losing my deposit there for $200+ dollars. They then and there told me that they would in no way move my things for that price. So WHO effing knows WHEN they will show up and how many more thousands of dollars I will owe them. I WILL NEVER EVER move my things again unless I drive the UHAUL myself. Last time I used a moving company, they "broke down " somewhere in Kansas and my stuff sat in the hot sun for 2 MONTHS and it ruined my mattress that they bent in half. Also, TWICE I have used PODS you pack it they move it, but both times when I opened it it was like they rolled the pod the whole way from PA to CA and all my stuff was broken. BOTH times. Never again. This is the last straw. They are all scammers. It is the single MOST corrupt business in the US right after Congress.

    • Henry says:

      Thanks for the heads up about Cross Country and more importantly Pods. I felt the same way about using them, but you just confirmed my worse nightmares.

  10. Bethany Ann Nelson says:

    We have a family of 5 (including baby) and are moving from South Georgia to Oregon! Any suggestions?

  11. Bryan N Amanda McQuaig says:

    Excuse me……..since when are u moving to Oregon??????

  12. Rene Wall Laird says:

    I was thinking what too Amanda

  13. Please advise people to never use the Las Vegas based company called Fast Moving, as thye use bait and switch fraud, quote you $1,800, then try to add over 2 thousand more after they get your stuff. They went through my personal belongings and stole my birth certificates and everything silver, threw my breakables together after taking them out of the padded boxes I had them in, broke so much stuff, wouldn't deliver where they contracted for, then got angry and kicked my boxes, breaking more stuff, and finally unloaded a $500 portable dog fence, then put it back on their truck and left with it. I have never seen such tactics in my life. They partner with a company from N.Y. Unreal.

  14. Cali is a tough state to deal with!

  15. Bea Jay says:

    We used ABF two times. It was a little costly but they guaranteed pick and move date and deliver date. Our move was from California to Arkansas and back again a few years later. We will use them this summer again. My sister used the las vegas company and she was told the day before she moved that they could not longer move her and she lost her deposit of $1800. She had to rent two UHaul trucks and leave behind way too many furniture items she wanted because she had leave. It was Cali to Florida. ABF really had not glitches.

  16. Moving Guy says:

    I am moving from Seattle to the east coast pretty soon. Great tips for my upcoming move.

    • Jalleh says:

      OK, please share, i am moving from GA to California and I am already lost, what to use? Pod, mover company. I am tired of getting phone calls any time want to shop around.
      I don’t want to store, just want to move my furniture and don’t want to drive by myself.

      • Cathy says:

        I am looking at mover options for the same route, GA to CA for next month, May. I am curious who you found and if you’d recommend to use them or not.

  17. Sonia Gugliciello says:

    Just starting to get estimates to move from NJ to Calif. Suggestions above are very helpful. Thanks

  18. Christina X Ashley says:

    I'm looking for a good not too expensive company to go from Buffalo, NY to Houston, TX…hard to know who to look for

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  20. Nan Radon says:

    I have read so many horror stories I am about to hire a driver to take rented truck across the country and follow in my car. I have talked to so many movers, but I do not want my stuff put on different trucks or stuck somewhere for a long period of time, or things stolen. I want one truck to pick it up and the same truck to deliver it. What a long of awful stories I am seeing. I guess they all have to hire people and you do not know who is taking care of your stuff. I am ready to take my pets in my van and follow the truck. Oregon to Florida..long trip.

    • jessica bacalzo says:

      Hello Nan,
      Your post spoke to me. I am thinking of doing the same thing – following the truck on my drive. Wondered if you had any updates or advice?

      Many thanks!

  21. Janice says:

    My husband and I moved from Maryland to San Diego, and used Alexander Mobility. They were hired by the move coordinator at the company my husband worked for, but the work they did was excellent. Driver was great, helpful and they all treated us well!

  22. Always enjoyed Mark Twain's comment on spelling…and it goes like this: "I don’t give a damn for a man that can only spell a word one way".

  23. Vanessa says:

    Can anyone recommend a moving company.. From LA to Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada.

    Thank you

  24. Hi! Moving from LA to Canada… Any suggestions for moving company? Thanks!

  25. Thank you for the tip.

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