5 Responses to “Moving Out for the First Time Costs, Budget & Tips”

  1. Joe Greener says:

    Thanks for the great post. There were a couple of things I almost missed when I relocated last week. I had my family to help me load my stuff but I hired professionals to unload because I could’t do it by myself. There are some valuable points mentioned above.

  2. I would add: cancel all your subscriptions to magazines and newspapers and update your new address to the ones you would like to continue to receive.

  3. Joe Trenton says:

    Planning your budget and sorting out what things to do when moving out, especially if this is your first ever move is a harder task than many expect. To have your costs straight, you need to contact several companies and ask for a binding estimate. You can also ask for an in-house visual survey just to make sure you get the most accurate price possible.

  4. Good article. There is so much that can be overlooked, especially for the first time moving experience.

  5. The only rule in creating a checklist is that you always give yourself more time that you think you will need…..

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