7 Responses to “How much do movers charge?”

  1. Sandi Lloyd says:

    I would highly recommend Movinghelp.com. Lassen n Son Movers are the best around in the SF Bay Area. You pay for it before they even get there, and give them a code at the end of the move when u are satisfied. The only time you pay extra is if the time goes over, and they charge just the hourly fee, will even charge only 1/2 for a half hour over. No scam or extra charges, and they will ask you first if this is okay with you.

    • Kenny Ray Oxenrider says:

      Why would you pay them all of the moving before they even get there? I assume you are paying a middle man to hold the money until you release it with a code. I would worry about the middle man really being part of the 'company'.

  2. This is what I'll be going by for my jobs for local though which is less than 30 miles I'll only charge 60 an hour. Long distance will be based off of this article

  3. Need a guess on a move from San Jose Ca to Orlando fl a 2900sq ft house.

  4. Joanna Cavalcante says:

    you get what you pay for period!!!!!
    People have to make a living too!!!

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