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  1. Aaron says:

    Good article. I’m working on starting a moving company in Arizona so this is very useful information. Thanks

  2. Hay Vasilka, keep in mind that for the different states, the average rates usually differ significantly. IMO everyone should do its research, call some local companies and ask for an estimation (a binding one). Comparing professional companies is always a must do before signing anything. Thanks

  3. Isabella Tin says:

    Another great article by Vasilka. Thank you for that. I was able to approximate my move pretty close by following your guide. When I contacted the companies I found, they gave me something very similar to what I expected. Thank you.

  4. I was a mover for a long time. I gave people their money's worth. Are there guys who move fast without taking a lot of breaks? I was fast and safe, it is a skill! I salute you guys who still do it.

    • Jennifer Anderson Carrig says:

      Gee Marty, I'm surprised you can still salute. After all that patting yourself on the back..Haha; )

      • Murf Lake says:

        You must be a professional “white color”, never did any physical work. You would not understand. Professionals are the worst to work for with their “better then thow attitude”‘

    • Jennifer Anderson Carrig says:

      Did you guys use those straps I see on the infomercials……. because that is a great idea!

  5. Thomas Stoll says:

    You really need to stop being an expert and writing articles that are incorrect and misleading to the customers. You state "Having a binding estimate will guarantee you that the final long distance moving costs will not exceed more than 10% of the estimated amount." That is incorrect the binding estimate is actually the price. Not a penny more. You are confused with a non-binding estimate. You further state "Long distance costs are by the weight or per cubic foot of your inventory. Many moving companies will charge based on both. That is also incorrect. One or the other but not both. To protect the consumer they should go by weight. Cubic foot can only be on a binding estimate and this also removes some protection for the consumer. No reweigh! Which bring me to another part of what you wrote. You stated "You can ask the moving company if you can observe and be present when the moving truck is being weighed on a certified scale." It is not up to the moving company but to the customer. It is their right to be present and also request a reweigh at destination if so desired at no cost to the customer. There are so many inaccuracies and misinformation in your article you are placing yourself at risk along with customers that follow your article. You should be sticking with what the FMCSA uses for consumers so they do not get scammed. Things like large deposits, (a no-no) No In home estimate, using a broker, researching the company on protectyourmove.gov. Just like I did and found out that you work for an Auto Transport Broker. I have also shared this article with some other consumer sites that try to help people with their move.

    • Hey Thomas,
      Thanks for your feedback. I’ve done some edits to the article based on your comment. Please note that what she meant by “charge based on both” is the additional charges that apply for bulky items.
      Regarding the moving scams, it is such a large issue to cover that we’ve created another article on that.
      Thanks for being an active member and a contributor.

      • berserker says:

        One thing I see no one mentioned. That is, get yourself a uhaul van and find some one you know who has moving experience, like having done so for a living if possible. that way instead of getting fleeced while you wait, you may pay about 20.00 per hour and even figuring in all other expenses it is still far cheaper than hiring a moving company. I realize that this is not always possible, but when it is the savings are huge!

  6. I have been in the moving industry for over 23 yrs, and nothing will ever take the place of one doing his/her homework.

    Rule out anyone who will not give you a visual estimate, and insist on a binding or not to exceed estimate.

    Remember you stand a greater chance of incurring hidden costs when you accept a mover charging by cubic feet. The justification is simple. The customer has no idea what cubic feet look like in a moving van. A good driver will load floor to ceiling front to back of load. A driver who is trying to pad the load will load floor to ceiling front and back for a few feet, and then leave holes, which the customer cannot see by visual observation, but the customer is charged.

    Weight based estimates are just that… Weight.

    I agree with Thomas. We both come from the same van line family, so our views are based on experience.

  7. brandon turner says:

    if you are moving, the most important thing you can do is downsize first! Have a garage sale, rent a dumpster, give away all your junk. I’ve been moving people for 10 years and encounter the hoarders more and more.

  8. Dean Ashby says:

    Living in a very transient city, I would consider myself a very mobile person – I would change addresses every two years, when my rental lease is up. Hence, the ideas listed in here of how much it costs to hire movers are great and helpful to me. Apart from that, I also took into consideration renting storage space for bulky items that I don’t need immediately while in the course of moving. But in order not to overspend on storage rental, I had to clear items that I don’t need and eventually got rid of the storage space.

  9. Jae Burnham says:

    There are a lot of way to really and drastically reduce costs of a move, especially doing local moves. Being prepared is the number one way. There have been so many times we have arrived for a move only to find that the customers are not ready for us. Buying and packing the boxes yourself will save you a ton of money. And these are just a couple of ways to save money.

  10. He might not have hit all exact details but in general I thought it was a good article.

  11. I really appreciate the article. And its true we should check out the reviews and everything about a moving company before using it and also the pricing strategy. Like just two months ago I moved into my new house. I was worried about how I would move all of my stuff safely and where to find a reliable moving company and whether it would fit my budget. A business associate told me of A-1 Moving & Storage and the professional services these guys offer. I am very satisfied with the services I received and the price was really affordable. And i would recommend them to others. They are also known for providing exceptional storage facilities, check out more at or give them call today (561) 625-0600.

  12. Abdul says:

    Get movers to move heavy stuff and move small boxes yourself. That is what I am doing coming up this May 2014 :)

    • Joey says:

      How did that go Abdul? I plan on doing the same thing and providing the truck. I’m trying to figure out what to pay them. 4-beds (will be broken down), a dresser, washer, dryer..etc. Family of 5. Just the heavy stuff. Did you go movers or hire some hands? Its a local move. Thanks.

  13. Diana says:

    I plan within the next year moving long distance (household & auto)from Illinois to Arizona 1738.40 miles away and will be needing a reliable moving co. after reading these blogs & comments I’m already freaking out what it’s going to cost like a arm & leg then worry about getting scammed & finding a trust worthy long distance co. Can anyone recommend someone that you’ve dealt with. This will be a first for me?



  14. I'll be moving from Bronx, New York to Troy, New York, about 145 miles distance. Is that Domestic, and not Long Distance? I definitely would like to get a "binding estimate."

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