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  1. My family is thinking about relocating from New York to Las Vegas. We have to small children a 1 year old and a 2 year old.is Las Vegas a good place to raise children and are there children friendly things to do??

    • Eliza says:

      Honestly, I lived there before, and even though I would like to move back, i would home school, and also get out and get out of the city regularly too. The schools there sucked. But they do have a lot of churches, you could always call and just ask them…

      But i know lots of folks who have nice lives and normal families. Well, normal for Vegas. Butldnt honestly, i wouldn’t move their with any lil ones, it would seem to dangerous, too risky. A lot of folks go in and out of that town 24/7 and there are a lot of crimes. If you do go, have a safe way to leave and money set aside with someone you trust where u live now. (At least that’s what i wish i had done, lol)

    • Anonymous says:

      Las Vegas may not seem like such a great place to raise kids, but there are great places once you get away from the strip and all the casinos. Summerlin is probably the nicest community you could ever raise your children in. I would try there.

  2. Las Vegas is a great place for families. I helps if you join a group to get to know people with your likes and hobbies. Church groups have many things for youth. If you are involved with your children there is lots to do. Wasup flag football, soccer, the Lake, Museums, water sports, Hiking Mt Charleston, Red Rock, Ghost towns, national parks in utah 2 hour away.
    Green Valley Ranch movie in the park. And many more social events
    The ocean and beaches 4 hours away.

  3. Dave says:

    Hi I’m Dave from NJ I have been to Vegas many times and am thinking of moving there within a couple years or so to retire. I am near Atlantic city and gamble quite heavily on strictly slots. I know my then fixed income won’t allow such extravaganza when I move there. I am also single. But I love the city there’s so much to do and I hear the housing is dirt cheap and I adore the warm weather and the fact there’s a zillion more girls than guys. Question: do you think that I who will be around 60 then would or could acclimate myself to the environment on a permanent basis

    • Diann says:

      Hi Dave,

      I am currently contemplating(within a few months)moving to LV. I too am on fixed. I am simply; looking for a person to share half of living expenses. I am a 62 yr.old female who would like someone dependable, def. nonsmoker, pretty straight forward human being. I lived in LV previously (1999-2004)and long story short…was gainfully employed but I felt sick a lot and did not know I was in ‘TOTAL’ renal failure which caused my disability as well as having Systemic Lupus. As time went on my family thought it was best if I’d move back to IL where my family was.

      Long story short…I had to go on dialysis and I panicked when all this stuff occurred. Well (hindsight), it was worst decision I’d ever made! I should have tailored working, stopping to meditate and think and stayed in LV! But…I moved back and now I want to move back to LV and live my life happy because that is the way I felt living in LV.(Henderson). I thought your profile fit my criteria. Don’t know where you stand now…but this is where I’m at! I currently live in a stark rural area and would like to move! Matter of fact would have moved back (if at the time) had an extra saving after the fact!

      Look, Dave I’m just looking for someone to share half the rent (as forth stated). Oh….I’m full of life, simply, like … well I’m just an easy simplistic kinda person!

      Email me back and give me your take.


      P.S: I know it has been a year since you’ve written this post but…ya never know.

  4. Thank you. We have been looking to move to Vegas for some time now and reading articles like this really helps.

  5. May Brown says:

    We are moving because the military is moving us and we have a special needs child. How is the services with having special needs?

  6. Kim White says:

    I am about to retire from new York I have a 3 year old grandson would this be a good place to retire

  7. Diann says:

    If you are a person looking for a roommate who is relocating to Las Vegas, NV…then let me know. I am a 62 year old female who want to relocate back to LV. I lived there for nearly 5 years (1999-2004)until Kidney failure. I now am healthy still active, want to go to school for being a Dental Hygienist and simply just want to share half of rental expenses. I am fixed income but plan on working a job to further boost my income even. I received a kidney in July of 2011!

    I do not have any children/grandchildren, a non-smoker and would quite naturally would prefer a non-smoker, I don’t own any pets (but would not rule out yours if gentle and tamed)and I am overall a wonderful fun, outgoing individual. I can do everything just on my own and are a very independent woman!

    All I asking is that you’d be responsible, honest, dependable and we can talk about what can be arranged. I’m looking to move a.s.a.p.! Feel free to email me if you think I’d be a good candidate and would fit your criteria also.

    Thanks, Diann email: diann.redzone@yahoo.com

  8. you didn't say anything about year round weather???

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