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  1. Booking deposit is a standard fee many legit moving companies require. Good explanation of the moving deposit charges. Just wanted to add that deposits may vary with the state. The more expansive the city or state is, the higher the deposit will be because the pricing of the moving labor is higher. Also, as far as we know about moving deposit practices, the amount doesn’t vary with season, but there may be companies that do it.

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  2. Carey Few says:

    I found I thought was a moving co. and found out he was just a broker, on there web page even said they had 23 trucks. Did research and they don't have a license to do Business and I already paid 500.00 Even though I signed a contract can I still get my money back.Hope someone can help Me.

    • http://premiervanlines.com/?page_id=22
      The above website is our own page that details how the scam movers work and what you can do about it. Legitimate moving companies do NOT take deposits or charge a percentage up front, and they also don't use cubic feet to determine their pricing. Never accept an estimate over the phone, sight unseen. They are required to perform an in-home survey prior to the registration of the shipment for any Binding or Not to Exceed Estimates. Just because you have signed an Order for Service does not mean that you are commited to payment of the move, it merely allows the company to proceed with planning of your shipment. If you cancel, they can not charge you but if you gave them a deposit you may lose it. The only document that commits you to the move is the actual Bill of Lading, which must be signed before work commences –> NEVER sign a blank bill of lading!!! <–


      These two websites dictate what to look for with moving scams. If you've fallen victim to a rogue mover and need assistance to get your belongings back, Move Rescue can help. It's an uphill battle because there is a severe lack of Federal and State intervention, but they have a high success rate.

      The three red flags that indicate a scam mover are as follows:
      1) Deposit or up front costs
      2) Estimated cost by using cubic feet instead of weight (or a combination of the two)
      3) Using a Binding or Non-Binding price index (you want a Not to Exceed price)
      4) Phone survey or average price based on home size (sight unseen instead of coming to your home)
      5) Not listed with the BBB or on the Protect Your Move website (no MC authority)

      Spread the word and help prevent others from falling victim to moving scams like these that require deposits and up front charges. How anyone can say that this is the 'normal' for legal, licensed companies to follow practice is ridiculous. A quick search for scam movers will pull up thousands of pages that contradict just about every statement in this blog, and another quick check on the BBB ratings or on the Protect Your Move website of those companies that do follow these practices will turn up dozens of reports where the prices increased beyond the original estimate and the company held the goods hostage.

      • This balloon brain is talking out his A-FRAME big time. you obviously DO NOT own a business like this. How many times have you driven 60,70 or even 100 miles to move product for people only to find out that they forgot or they hired someone else who undercut your price? or better yet, how about when you show up & what you were told needed to be moved was not what you were looking at?

        See our younger generation america has an entitlement mentality everything should be free & if they don’t live up to their end of the bargain, oh well! To that I say CRAP!!! … Grow up & understand that running a business isn’t FREE in fact it’s extremely expensive. When was the last time you went to work for free?… Hmm Never??

        Grow Up You Jackass!!

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