12 Responses to “Moving in a Pod Container (Portable Storage) – Advice”

  1. Jared says:

    What are some of the disadvantages? I would imagine having to do the loading and unloading yourself. They also don’t seem to be very big.

    • Mike Scott says:

      Hi Jared,

      One major disadvantage for using a moving pod is the price. As Pamela mentions above, these containers can cost around $200 per month plus a $100 fee for pick up / delivery. This is very expensive if using the pod for any period of time. Typical self-storage facilities will offer first month free or for $1. Then they usually charge $100 – $200 per month for a typical 8′ X 12′ unit. Prices fluctuate based on accessibility of the unit within the facility.

      Of course another disadvantage of a moving pod is loading and unloading yourself. If you are hiring a moving company to relocate your entire home, then renting a self-storage near the destination location is a better choice. They will be handling your goods anyways so you might as well have them make an extra stop at a storage location.

      Storage pods may not be the best choice if you are moving a large home or need long term storage. Although, they are beneficial for those who need to move a few rooms and would like to do it themselves.

      *Storage pods are great for home renovations. You can store your items on premise during the renovation process for easy access.

  2. Jared says:

    Thanks Mike. Do you think that PODS are the best option for temporary storage? I prefer them over storage units because it requires a lot less work.

  3. Kim says:

    There’s so many pods companies out there now (PODS, packrat, ubox, relocube, etc) I really don’t know which one to use. I’ve been reading the comparisons at http://www.easystoragesearch.com/portable-storage-containers-reviews-and-rates/. Does anyone have any recommendations?

  4. For storage services only 100 dollar lower amount any offer is there?

  5. Becky says:

    I think that is very unique this pod container because you don’t rush and brake things. I saw that to one of my neighbors and I like that idea. Also things you don’t like just put them on the side for donations or something. Very good idea, don’t worry for the price, but the convenient way of not being hassle for anyone not even that you have to return the truck that you rent for the moving.

  6. CM says:

    Pamela recommends using a portable container made of wood, rather than metal or plastic, due to problems with mold, moist conditions, and condensation, All of the portable companies on this website use metal ones. Does anyone know of a company that uses wooden ones?

  7. Sm says:

    Ubox uses wooden containers

  8. Jacque says:

    I’m looking for advice for a budget friendly solution. We have a packed-full, 20 or 30 X 10 storage unit that contains the overflow contents of our last home (washer, dryer, king bedroom set, loads of boxes, bookshelf’s, misc furniture pieces) when we began down-sizing. We don’t have a truck and muscles at our disposal and these belongings have long ago exceeded their monetary value. However we would like them with us so we can assess, sell, etc. I would like the contents of our storage unit loaded into a portable storage unit and then delivered (12 miles apart) to our residence (driveway) all on the same day and then have what seems to be the typical ‘use’ period of 30 days to remove the contents. I called a couple places and they are unable to drop off and pick off the portable units in the same day. The self storage facility cannot allow us to have a portable unit there longer than it will take to load it. Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

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