18 Responses to “Moving to Dallas Guide: What to Know, Where To Go”

  1. Shelly Sievert says:

    Very helpful. :)

  2. Justin Porter says:

    This was extremely helpful – thank you!

  3. John Brumbaugh says:

    This article says Texas is the largest state in the U.S. Last I checked, that distinction goes to Alaska. Texas is the largest in the lower 48.

  4. Robin Garcia says:


  5. Cj Mo says:

    The uptown area is very cool, but, I have found that places a little east of there are for lack of a better word shady.

  6. Sarah Miller says:

    i am really excited to move there! glad i found a partner.

  7. Hector Bruno says:

    I am moving as soon as I get the $$$$.

  8. April Colone says:

    My husband and I plan on moving to Dallas Texas within a few years. We are sick of the snow in Illinois, and the high taxes.

  9. Danny Granobles says:

    Have you guys moved yet? My family and I are planning too as well from Chicago

  10. Tina Johnson says:

    My original choices were California and Florida. Neither one seemed interested to get up and move from Chicago. High cost of living in California and Florida I don’t want to move back to Chicago. I stumbled across why I should move to Texas. Besides the bugs I can deal with but this snow and cold in Illinois sucks. Can’t wait until I move.

  11. Juanita Vonnie Simpson says:

    it says 9th largest

  12. Cat Roof says:

    Thinking of relocation, but prices for 1 bedroom have gone up for 2014 $930-1300 is what can find

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