23 Responses to “Moving to Dallas Guide: What to Know, Where To Go”

  1. Shelly Sievert says:

    Very helpful. :)

  2. Justin Porter says:

    This was extremely helpful – thank you!

  3. John Brumbaugh says:

    This article says Texas is the largest state in the U.S. Last I checked, that distinction goes to Alaska. Texas is the largest in the lower 48.

  4. Robin Garcia says:


  5. Cj Mo says:

    The uptown area is very cool, but, I have found that places a little east of there are for lack of a better word shady.

  6. Sarah Miller says:

    i am really excited to move there! glad i found a partner.

  7. Hector Bruno says:

    I am moving as soon as I get the $$$$.

  8. April Colone says:

    My husband and I plan on moving to Dallas Texas within a few years. We are sick of the snow in Illinois, and the high taxes.

  9. Danny Granobles says:

    Have you guys moved yet? My family and I are planning too as well from Chicago

  10. Tina Johnson says:

    My original choices were California and Florida. Neither one seemed interested to get up and move from Chicago. High cost of living in California and Florida I don’t want to move back to Chicago. I stumbled across why I should move to Texas. Besides the bugs I can deal with but this snow and cold in Illinois sucks. Can’t wait until I move.

  11. Juanita Vonnie Simpson says:

    it says 9th largest

  12. Cat Roof says:

    Thinking of relocation, but prices for 1 bedroom have gone up for 2014 $930-1300 is what can find

  13. Melissa Yvonne says:

    I’m looking to move to Dallas from Manhattan, NY. I’m a 37 year old single woman & am curious what areas are good to find sales or office positions as well as areas that have a good population of single attractive men. Currently I model & am in sales.

    • Tessa Doiel says:

      Hi Melissa,

      If you are looking for a corporate sales job, you will probably want to look either in North Dallas (Addison, Plano) area or in the CBD or Uptown area. Specifically look at Legacy Town Center in Plano and the uptown area in Dallas. Both very vibrant areas with lots of shopping, dining/going out venues and pretty people. :) If you need any additional information you may contact me at tessa@cedarealty.com. I am happy to help!

  14. Nolen says:

    I am a single African American Male with a BA in Human Services from IL. I’m curious as to the job market/availability in the counseling fields such as substance abuse, case manangement for troubled youths, etc.

  15. Kay Eye Dee says:

    You can't read 0.o it say 9th

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