3 Responses to “Moving to New Home Checklist – House or Apartment”

  1. Abbe says:

    I can use the checklist, it will help. This is an excellent reply for someone asking moving advice, excellent.

    Only thing is I was looking for something far more simple, I am only moving to the next apt. Three steps away. I want to get rid of absolutely everything I can. It is a smaller but nicer place with a nicer view and nicer orientation (for me). So, I want to purge, by selling some things, pitching some things, reducing and improving in my way of storing important papers, not-so-important, and getting totally rid of whatever is not important at all (I will shred, yesiree I will)!

    It could be that very few people are in my boat, thus a lack of everything put in exceedingly simple steps for me. But is OK and totally understandable.


  2. Hi Abbe,

    I am glad you can use the moving checklist, even though it’s more than you need. We all have different moving needs and that’s totally understandable considering that the size of our homes, and quantity of things we own varies greatly. You are in the right direction though – getting rid of all you don’t need; that’s is the first and most important step when moving. Today, some of us (may be most) own way too many things.
    Please, let us know how your relocation went.


  3. julian says:

    i used a similar checklist when i moved into anaheim

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