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  1. Jessica says:

    Our family used portable moving containers to move from Sacramento to Dallas, TX and they were great because we did not need to hire movers or moving truck. Very cool innovation vs. expensive, traditional moving companies that always try to squeeze more money out of you upon final delivery..

    Jessica and Andy Henson

  2. lisa says:

    I have moved recently to the other county here in England and i have planned my move 2 months so that it can be a good experience while moving. I avoided last minute packing to get rid of the stress which can cause due to it. I surfed on internet for 1 week to get the best removal company according to my need and finally they helped me in moving and now i am enjoying my stay :)

  3. Joseph says:

    I wish I could move, but my wife is to scared to let us. She hates change. Yet I am the type of man that loves to experience new things not just be comfortable all the time. But step out of my comfort zone and try something new.. Idk what to do.

    • Christina says:

      You should plan a vacation to wherever your interested in moving and stay in someones rental home for a week to experience the local-feel. Maybe your wife will change her mind :)

    • Lisa says:

      I understand your situation…. I am that Wife that hates change. About a year ago I went and visited family in Missouri. The husband said to me “see wouldn’t this be nice. Quiet and peaceful.” Long story short, due to current situations I am now going through the grueling process of starting our move! excited and nervous. It will be a huge change for me moving to a completely new state for the first time in my life! So yes take her to where you think you’d like to move and after a while just explain some of the benefits of moving there but take her feelings in to consideration. :) hope all is well!

  4. TyShay says:

    I am considering moving from Charlotte, NC to San Francisco due to a career opportunity. It is a big move and I have a numb feeling about it all. The cost of living is so different, very different.

    • Vasi says:

      Hi TyShy,

      Moving is scary in general and when you are moving to a very different location (city or state) from what you know it is normal to have this feeling.
      I mean San Francisco IS different and it is VERY expensive. However, if you have a job lined up you should totally go for it. There are affordable place you can find. Overall it is a an awesome city that will change you.
      Traveling and living in different locations is something I would recommend to anyone. I have moved from a different country to the US and ever since I realized that experiencing different places is what makes me who I am.

      Good luck!

      Vasi A.

  5. Ash says:

    I’m looking into moving to Rhode Island, which is only the next state over from me, so the physical moving could be easily spread out over a period of time rather than all at once. Also, I will be able to utilize friends to help transport all the small stuff, leaving probably one small Uhaul for the big stuff. But with that aside, the whole idea of moving is exciting but extremely overwhelming, kinda not sure where to start first.

  6. SChamb says:

    I live down South, but will be moving up North shortly. I realized I meet need a few suitcases to move all my shoes, clotehes, accesories, etc. Is the best way to move these items by plane or by shipping?

  7. Anoop says:

    HI, I am looking to move from Philadelphia to Chicago for completing my studies. The biggest challenge i am facing is, moving my belongings safely to my new place. I think your tips can help me to hire a reputable firm for moving belongings from state to state.

    Thanks for this great post

  8. steve hernandez says:

    Im a hairdresser and my fiance is a yoga instructor as well as a vet. tech. We live in palm beach florida and want to relocate to Austin, tx. We live on a pretty basic budget, and we are wondering how much money should we have saved to make the move. 6 Months of bills worth or a years worth of bills. We have the type of jobs that we need to live their to find work, what we do is hands on so we have to be p-resent to try out for the jobs in our fields. Please help, we need advice!

    • I have found that three months of estimated bills is the minimum to make the move comfortably, but if you can save six months worth then you’ll probably feel more comfortable with that cushion. When you go, try to find a sublet or weekly rental (hostel, airbnb) so you don’t have to commit to a place until you get jobs. With your professions I bet you both have jobs within six weeks. Start contacting places in the month before you move, letting them know when you’ll be there and when you’ll follow up in person. Good luck!

  9. Thania says:

    Hi I just found out that my family comprising of 8 people might relocate back to Cape Town, which is a 25 hrs drive from Joburg, we will be moving end of next month if he gets the position, don’t no whether t be ecstatic or scream in panic. I have 5 kids
    3 kids need to be relocated t diff school and don’t know which area we”l be moving to, they’ve already been t 3 diff schools in 3years, not sure if company will pay for relocation, so it seems t be more of a waiting game, hubby said +/- 1 week before confirmation on the job, sooo happy f him but pulling my hair out on this side, just need help getting my haid around everything so that I can make things easy and comfortable f everyone once the actual move is upon us, ps have no family or friends t help out expenses are limited, so will be doing everything on my own down to the housecleaning , any advice will be much appreciated!

  10. if you have children, it is also essential you set about establishing and/or strengthening relationships with anyone who may be willing to provide childcare, research educational / daycare / after school care options, and, if your child is in any activities, establish the cost and various requirements for your child to continue these activities. Trust me, the move will be far less stressful if your child doesn't have to give up home, school, friends AND quit ballet, church, football or whatever it is they like to do.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Any advice on moving to South Carolina, planning a visit but there is a lot of state to cover. Have friends in Aiken but am looking toward the coast. Thanks

    • Chandi says:

      When I was 24 I moved to Aiken SC to attend an equestrian school, was there four years, I love Aiken so much. It is a nice small community, everyone knows everyone else. Every street sign has a horse head on it, so it is a horse lovers haven. It is definitely a quiet southern town, with the strongest community being horse people. The coast isn’t that far a drive, a few hours from there. I’d rather live in Aiken than on the coast.

  12. Jane says:

    We live in MN and want to move to CA, (my husband wants to because of the cold) I do think it would work but not sure because cost of living is high out there. what would suggest ? and we are going to sell what we can and take a load with us and that’s it. I am really nervous but want to show him I support him 100%. We would need to find jobs and a place to stay for our family of 5. He has family out there but not enough room for us to stay with them. and I want to be here because of my family….so torn :( need some serious suggestions please. Thanks!

    • Donna says:


      We live in IN. and we are moving to California in June 2016. We are moving once our daughter graduates from high school. We are very tired of the cold, long winter that we have had this year. We have decided that we are going to start downsizing now. We currently live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house on 3 acres. If we do not start downsizing now, we will never get through all of our belongings. We have reserved a beach cottage from Dec. 2015 to Jan 2016 to find housing, employment and college visits. Once Hannah graduates from HS, we will be leaving for San Diego. What suggestions have you heard that would be useful for me? Thank you..

      • Samantha says:


        I live in CA and I would suggest checking out Zillow.com or one of the other online real estate information sites to get an idea of the housing prices in San Diego and other CA cities. What you get for your money, rent or own, is far less than what you can get in IN or other states. It will help to minimize the sticker shock once you get here. Also, you may need a longer period of time to find a housing and a job but at least you can get a lay of the land in your Dec-Jan time frame.

        The largest employer in San Diego is the Dept of Defense followed by the Federal Government in general. The Scripps Institute also employs a lot of people. Most employers in the large CA cities use LinkedIn or other online job/networking sites to find employees. You may want to post a resume on LinkedIn as you approach your move date.

        Good luck to you and your daughter!

  13. Maya says:

    Hi I live in NYC my whole life and I’m a college student still living at home with my parents. But I’m dying to move out of NYC as soon as I’m done with college at lease that what I hope. One of my problem is I can’t drive because I take the train to get around should I learn to drive before I move or should I just learn when moving to my new area. I’m thinking about moving to Virginia where my brother lives or moving to Pennsylvania since it’s not far from home. Please some advice, thank u :)

  14. Patrecia Hegre says:

    I am planning a relocation from Montana to Florida with a 14 year old boy. He has never experienced moving to another state and i want him to feel comfortable with the move. I am planning to take a vacation to the place i would like to relocate to with him and spend a week or two in this location. I am very confused on what else I need to show him about the move and should I let him have any say in where we are moving too. Single mother of one..I really could use the help. I have been researching the area around Fort Myers up to Clearwater, FL but am not sure what would be best for him and I.

    • Terry says:

      Hi Patrecia,
      I am writing because I understand how hard it is to move with a child. I moved to FL with my two children who were 14 and 9. It was the hardest move I have ever done, and I have moved a lot.
      14 is a delicate age for a young man to move. Think about the social pressures that young people that age need to deal with, now throw a move in there,and you need to be prepared to buckle up and hang on!My son had a very hard time adjusting, and it took a lot of effort to get him back on track. That said, it is possible, as long as there is good support and understanding. Enlist the aid of your school counselor when you choose a location. Help him find a group in school, whether it’s band or a team. Clearwater is a nice area,(I live in Tampa) I don’t know much about Ft. Meyers. When you visit, make sure that you tour some of the schools and get a feel for them. Make this a joint decision, let him have some say (though you will make the ultimate choice) in order to give him some ownership in the move. Good luck!

  15. Sharlyn says:

    I am planning to move to Charlotte north Carolina. Does anyone know about how much a townhouse run per month? What is the minimum wage there?

  16. Jennifer Weiler says:

    My family of 6 (4 girls between 7-3) are faced with the decision of moving from Southern California to Northern New Jersey because of a job opportunity for my husband. We have been going back and forth each day knowing that we will be leaving all of our family here. My girls are extremely close to their grandparents and cousins and we are having such a difficult time deciding whether it is best for them to be near family or to experience a change. Any suggestions from those who have made the move with young ones and/or feel strongly one way or another. I would love to hear any input regarding making such a life changing decision for so many people. TIA

  17. Janette says:

    If they are close to their grandparents and family I would say don’t do it. Our biggest mistake was moving out of CA and leaving our family behind. We didn’t have children at the time but now that we do we definitely want to move back. I understand amazing job opportunities and of course they will make friends and have Mom and Dad but nothing replaces family and sad to say Grandparents are not around forever.

  18. Duddy Lee Caldwell says:

    need help i am wanting to move from ohio to new jersey but i dont know anybody there but just my girlfriend lives there i dont have a job here in ohio i am lost on what i can do to get to new jersey so we can be together

  19. Cece Jankulovska Dimova says:

    Hi, we are planing to move to Raleigh, North Carolina. Any advice?

  20. Angela says:

    I am also considering moving to NC

  21. Stephanie Ayanna Costa says:

    Well I love most parts of the Central Florida area, I hear Clear Water is very nice Fort Myers is okay but I have not heard anything bad about it, I think it depends on what your looking for, I'm single, 30 something professional so I plain to stay around the Lake Eola/Downtown area in Orlando, but I find Clearwater, Fl to be much family friendly and it's very clean. I will be moving in less than a year.

  22. Stephanie Ayanna Costa says:

    The Coast would be much better, more scenery and more things to do. If you like to unwind. I do have relatives that live in Aiken, Wiliston and near the Augusta Border, The Coast is much nicer.

  23. Lynette DeMusis says:

    go for it – it you don't like it move back. life is short take chances

  24. Michelle Campbell says:

    I'm about to graduate with my masters in mental health counseling and the job opportunities are slim in CT where I live. I'm thinking about moving to NYC and getting a studio. There are tons of mental health jobs in the city. I'm single without children, so why not?

  25. My family and I are moving to my wife's home in Mindoro Philippines. I have moved before but never overseas. I have given myself three months to prepare. What are the most important overlooked things people have to do? Visas aside.

  26. OntheMove says:

    Good day all! I am moving from South Carolina to Boston because of a job opportunity. I am really looking forward to see what the next phase is my life. Any recommendations on areas to live in Boston and movers. The cost of living is much, much higher.

  27. Trillany says:

    Looking forward to moving to Atlanta from Florida in the beginning of next year with two small children(boy&girl), ages 1&2. Any advice?

  28. Bobloblaw says:

    I’ve recently graduated from San Diego State and want to move to Seattle. I have wanted to live there for a very long time. I have nothing holding me back here in San Diego. However, I have no job lined up in Seattle and I do not know anyone there. I do have a significant amount of money saved up to survive for 6 months or so. I am single, no kids. I own very little. I plan on selling my car once I drive up there. I am not sure if I should apply for jobs and places to live now or stay at a Hostel once I get there and look for places to live then.

    • Chandi says:

      I’m planning to move to the surrounding Seattle area also, hopefully before this winter. I don’t have job lined up either, and not quite six months of savings saved, but my gut and heart says to go now, do not wait, get there and things will fall into place. I just read the suggestion when moving to a place to either get a younth hostel for a month or so, so no commitment and can go exploring and find what you want living wise, and work. Public transportation is excellent there.

      I would do what you can now as far as job searching and applying to places, though if haven’t found anything before you go, go anyway and search when get there. I have lived in Seattle for two years before, it is my favorite city. The whole state of Washington is ideal, I plan to settle there. Best climate, 72 degrees average year around.

  29. Kathie Gee says:

    I an 54yrs old my family all live in New Jersey I want to move to Colorado I am having such medicine issues and because the state laws I can’t get the medications that I need! The medications that they have me on I have been a walking zombie for 8 years! I was always very close with my family and because of these medications they want nothing to do with me while I am on them and don’t like being around me when I’m not! I have been fighting the doctors for two years I’ve decided to look into moving to Colorado ! I only know what I’ve looked up about the state but I’m not sure where in Colorado I would like to move or if I can even afford it! I just know I can’t live this way anymore I’m all alone! Do you have any advice on what I can do!

  30. nikki says:

    Were relocateing from Michigan to florida in 2016, I have a 6 year old daughter , and a 3 year old mini schnauzer. I cant wait to show them the beaches. I plan on moveing in an apartment.

    • Tammy says:

      Im from Florida and I to have a schnauzer and a daughter. Flager county is beautiful. The flagler beaches is awsome. And the schools are great. My son in law is a high school teacher.

  31. Roena says:

    I am 37 yrs old, a mother of a 16 yr old boy and a 13 yr old girl, I will be relocating to Powder Springs, GA in Sept. I have family there already and some friends. I visited GA 3 times last yr and took my kids this past May for them to get a feel of the state. I am so excited to be leaving New Jersey but I have to admit I am PETRIFIED out of my mind. I am completely walking away from everything I know family, job etc. My kids and I will be staying with family in GA bceause they want to help make my transition smooth allow me the opportunity to find work and my own place because Atlanta traffic is horrible. I am a medical biller and have been applying for jobs left and right hospitals,Dr’s, physicians you name it even outside of the healthcare field and haven’t received any bites. I know this is going to be good for me and my kids I’m scared of the unknown (I don’t handle the beginning process of change very well). I have always worked to provide for my family even though I have support of my family in GA I’m use to being independent. I have no clue where to begin I tried to start packing and immediately felt overwhelmed and started crying. Any advise is greatly appreciated!

  32. Nicole Rose says:

    We are moving there too! What should I consider as my budget to move?

  33. India says:

    I’m moving to Georgia from Pennsylvania. I’m taking my 11 year old daughter (of course) and my cat but how should I get my cat from Pa to Ga? Can I take her on a plane or perhaps a train?

  34. Rose McNulty says:

    I’m planning on moving from Florida to Tennessee in the next year or 2. Around the Knoxville area. I really don’t have a lot of stuff. 2 storage bins worth…and my wheelchair. No pets. No kids. Anybody have any advice?

  35. Tina says:

    My husband and I are planning to move to NC, trying to decide which city would be the best because we don’t have jobs there yet. We are looking at 3 cities so far, Charlotte, Asheville, or Raleigh. Any advice on which one would be the best choice? Or we would consider any of the surrounding areas of the bigger cities that are good places to live.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Rina says:

      I’m in the same boat moving to NC. My husband is from N.C. and love it. I live in Raleigh and Charlotte are the big cities that have alot of jobs. New bern is where I’m moving. Lived there in 2006 and didn’t want to move back to California. We moved back to CA for family and decided it is time to go back to Nature and Ocean. Raleigh is a good place. I like the tree and greenery. I waiting to make sure the my husband gets this job and then my and my 4 girls are moved to N.C.

  36. Dawn Barringer says:

    Don't mive to Florida. It will ruin your kid. Florida sucks. Trust me, born and raised here. Its awful!

    • Tammy says:

      Wow!! I was born and raised in Florida. What ruins your kids is the parents that dont protect them.. Plus there is a lot of Notherners coming down with their kids who are in gangs where they are from and bring it down there to Florida.

  37. Yesenia Flores says:

    I live in Chicago and im looking to move to Beaverton OR I had jobs willing to give me interviews with out a guarantee of getting the job, I dont know anyone out there. I visited once with my ex and fell inlove with the state im just a bit scare since I dont know anyone i also have my own apartmet and dont know what to do with the furniture, i really wanna move out of Illinois x Any advice?

    • Louisa says:

      Oregon was horrible. Couldn’t wait to leave. The people were So unfriendly and dislike outsiders. Unless you’re an Oregon, you are poop. Not to mention the weather. It’s a very insular society and not particularly interesting.

    • Tam says:

      Oregon is a wonderful place,my family and I visited(Corvallis) and fell in love as well and it was such a great experience. The people were so welcoming and sociable even offering to walk with me to a little boutique and gave me the run down of all the shops. The crime is way lower than our location and the schools are top notch and when doing research on where in Oregon we wanted to live we wanted that small town atmosphere ,so I recommend steering clear of Portland it’s a super busy city. I’ve heard great things about Beaverton. We are moving from Florida and have sold just about everything for this move and it is so worth the 3,100 miles we will be going,we are a family of 5 and we are leaving all of our family and know no one their either but you never know unless you try! Good luck and I hope this helps….stay optimistic :)

  38. Dawn Barringer – agreed! I just moved my family of 8 here, and we're all miserable…

  39. We're thinking about moving to NC too, where are you moving from?

  40. Kelly Flynn says:

    Moving there as well from Florida. Cannot wait

  41. Do it! Raleigh is amazing… moving there next Sept

  42. All of this should come in handy since ive been planning on moving to another state for almost 2 years and the only problem i have now is just saving up to move and stuff.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I am planning to relocate to Tempe,AZ from Detroit, MI, do anyone have any advice?

  44. I'm planning on moving to Georgia or Arizona after I graduate in May of 2015. Any suggestions or ideas? Trying to weigh out everything….

  45. KlassyGyrl K'Sparklez says:

    Im wanting to move from Alabama to Atlanta. So its not too far of a drive. Just 3 hours.

  46. Terrilea says:

    Looking to move to Georgia anywhere family is from Macon ..I have two girls 7&3 wondering how much a two bedroom is running for any help or advice would b appreciated…planning a trip in January to go job hunting

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