4 Responses to “Best Packing Tips for Moving Home List”

  1. Zahid says:

    Nice article, for large items do you think it’s better to go with a professional removal company that should have insurance in case of damage being done to items?

  2. Pamela Smith says:

    Hi Zahid, or course it is better to rely on professionals who know better how to pack. Best of luck!

  3. Dean Ashby says:

    Living in a transient city, coupled with rising costs of rent, I am always on the move whenever my apartment contract expires. I have been very mobile, and for the past years, I have moved three times. I have practiced the art of moving, storage, packing and unpacking, and even keeping my life uncluttered. I guess, being mobile has taught me to keep only the basic necessities, and not hoarding things that I don’t have any use in the next 2 days. I have mobile storage for things that have sentimental value, but I have kept it to a maximum of medium sized storage boxes. Apart from that, I have learned to de-clutter and ‘donate’ things I don’t need anymore or I have not used for the past 6 months. This has kept my life simple. Moving, then, is a no-brainer.

  4. Chele says:

    When I need moving boxes I hit up the back of stores by their dumpsters and can usually find boxes for when I move myself. For actual moving boxes, go online to the “free stuff” section on your local Craigslist and there are almost always people giving away moving boxes if you are willing to pick them up. Keep in mind they want to get rid of them as soon as possible so be ready to pick them up quick.

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