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Movers DirectoryWelcome the the most comprehensive movers directory of moving companies online. Browse through our moving companies directory and select the moving company nearest to you. The directory of moving companies is constantly being updated with new companies. Users are able to review all companies and share their moving experience. You will find authentic reviews, ratings and consumer reports in the company's profiles in our directory. New listings are submitted regularly by our contributors. You might also want to browse our moving article base.

You can also add a company to the movers directory if you are the owner or if you work there.

US Moving Companies Directory

Select US moving companies by state. Note that most of the companies perform long distance and interstate moves as well:

moving companies directory USA

Popular Cities Moving and Relocation Directory

You can also browse our directory by city. We've listed the most popular moving destinations below. Check out the city movers directory to list the moving and relocation companies based on customers' ratings:

Movers Directory Canada

The Canadian movers directory consists of moving companies that do local moves in Canada, as well as interstate and international moves to USA.

moving companies directory USA

We constantly add new moving companies in our directory. You can also contribute and submit a moving company listing by adding your moving review.

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