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Overall reviews rating: 2 Star Moving Rating
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States of operation: Missouri, California, Indiana, Kansas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Arizona, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, North Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, Oklahoma, Georgia, Nebraska, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Alabama

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Honesty: 2 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 2 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 2 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 2 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 2 Star Moving Rating

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Toll free number: (877) 720-4066
Address: One Mayflower Dr., St. Louis, MO 63026, USA

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Total 53 Mayflower Movers Reviews

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved AL to TX
Mayflower move disappointment

After seeing this company's name on semi trucks all over this country maybe I was fooled into thinking they were professionals. They charge more than anyone... But what I wasn't told until move out day was that my stuff would not be delivered for upwards of a few weeks. I felt deceived and misled by this company.. Amateurs ju...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved PA to FL

I have moved all over the world and 7 times within the USA and I can honestly state that Mayflower are the best company I have ever used. Competative rates, honest, reliable, friendly and very efficient. My goods arrived a day early, all thanks to the great driver Gary, who made the move smooth as could be, he also has a grea...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved UT to MI
Still waiting--with NO answers!

Currently in the middle of a terrible moving experience with Arrow Moving and Mayflower. Not only have our belongings been sitting inside a truck for over two weeks and still have not left SLC, but now we are beyond the delivery window and we still have not been given any indication as to why this is or when to expect deliver...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved IL to FL
Worst possible moving company to choose. Stay away from false promises

I wish there was a Zero or negative star rating to choose. A well known company and best rated by BBB is not very promising. I have booked my move on May 22nd and my stuff was packed and loaded on Mayflower(mayflower Dodge) Moving truck on June 18th, 2014. We are moving from Swansea, IL(Suburbs of St. Louis) to Clermont, Flor...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved KS to TX
Worst ever! Lost all my family pictures and they could care less!

Moved from Wichita KS to Denton TX. Not only did they reschedule my furniture delivery to Texas twice, they left over 20 boxes and several pieces if furniture items back in Wichita, which meant they had to make a second delivery which they again rescheduled twice. Some furniture had dings and scratches on it but to make matte...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MA to OR
Could Not Have Been Worse

My cross county moving experience with Mayflower literally could not have been worse. This is a terrible company, with appaling customer service. It started with little mistakes and got worse and worse. 1. The salesperson showed up at the wrong time for the initial evaulation. 2. My credit card was charged without notice, aft...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NE to PA
Moving from NE to PA

We had one of the worst moving experiences you can imagine. We hired Mayflower because of their reputation and competitive pricing, but we found out that Mayflower is a company on paper only and relies on local franchises to do their moves. It has been one surprise after another....and not good ones! We contracted them to mov...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to TN
Unbelievably unprofessional and poor service

Where do I even begin?? My moving experience with Mayflower was a complete disaster from start to finish, to the point that it was almost (*I say "almost") comical. I hired Mayflower to move me from Colorado to Tennessee, paying extra to shorten the delivery spread from 2 weeks to 1 week due to time constraints starting a new...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to MD
Moving my furniture

I Would not Mayflower to move TRASH. Everything that was moved was not Covered or shrink wrapped like said by Mr Trout he told me that they would be professional movers with uniforms they look like a bunch out of rehab. I've called Mayflower all I got was the run around. After paying almost 12,000 the furniture is all messed...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to CT

The absolute worst moving experience I have encountered. (I have used their competitors with positive experiences). The actual quote left out many eventual costs and was COMPLETELY DISHONEST! The movers showed up 8 hours late, items were damaged in transit. Services I had negotiated were not performed without an additional fe...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NJ to GA
No Show!

I called Mayflower and they setup an appointment for an estimate. The day of my appointment I waited all day for them to show up but nobody ever came or called! I called Mayflower and they gave me the runaround and trasnferred me to the local agency. I was then told Mayflower never even gave them my information! If they can't...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to AK
Nightmare move mayflower transit

Move total nightmare,late pick up and delivery,lost and damaged items.paid for insurance and offered penny's on the dollar.avoid these people at all cost also had to pay additional money and we had a binding estimate..if you decide to use these people when the truck shows up before loading look inside truck and make sure thei...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to TX
Poor experience at every point

The movers showed up with not nearly enough space for all my furniture. They should have refused the load, but accepted it and took apart most of my furniture into tiny pieces. They broke down furniture that should have never been taken apart. The load still would not fit. They ended up putting stuff in the cab of the truck. ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within CT
Horrible experience; Damaged furniture and household items - no reply

My husband and I are so disappointed with the quality of the move. Since we have finished unpacking, we have found numerous items broken and most unrepairable. A one of a kind sculpture has a busted foot; our crystal chandelier is broken; many pieces of irreplaceable/collectible furniture are dented and in some cases deeply s...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MA to CO
Bad experience

From start to end Mayflower was disappointing. I even wrote to complain after getting limited help through phone calls and they were not truly concerned. This was a total waste of money and I regret the decision to use them. The packing was terrible and I think some of the people were drunk. Boxes were labeled incorrectly. It...[full review]

2 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Poor, Poor Move

While the contact person and ' movers' were nice in the beginning, we found the driver and packers were not good at what they were supposed to have been doing.  Found out that the contact person and driver were 'aunt and nephew'.  We were 'quoted' to have been delivered in three days.  In fact, we were called and extra days s...[full review]

Review with image

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to CA
Crooked Loading Process

Over-promised and under delivered. Missed the so called last date of arrival window by 4 days. But the biggest watchout is the packing process. They loaded brand new unopened items on the truck in their original boxes, and then marked on the shipping documents that they were "badly damaged". I didn't realize what they'd done ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved MO to GER

I had to move from the US to Germany and had to look for an International moving company.After checking the reviews for many such companys I was totally frustrated, because all of them had horrible comments and ratings, including Mayflower.I did pick Mayflower though because the name is well known.I am happy to say that the m...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved KS to MN
Worst Moving Nightmare Imaginable!

Should have known this was trouble from the start when the salesperson (Sue Parker) told me that moving was one of the most stressful events in life. I think that is true only when dealing with her and Mayflower Select Moving & Storage!! We moved from KC to Minneapolis, but had to temporarily move to an apt in KC for 3 months...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to NY
Poor moving and claims experience

The overall move from nashville, TN to NYC cost approximately $17,000. The move out of my nashville home was fine. The problems began when moving into my home in New York City. The move in was supposed to be completed in 1 day. It actually took 3 days where the 3rd day was a combination of the 2nd and 3rd days. The movers wor...[full review]

Review with image

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NV to NY
The Worst Experience

The WORST!! Rude and disrespectful! Didn`t honor the appt time that they set, nor did they call to notify me not to cancel my important appt`s that I had set and canceled for that day, so that I could accomadate the movers schedule. Tried to inquire what went wrong as well as correct him by not calling me by my first name, I ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to CA
Worst move ever!

Just do not use them period!   The worst moving experience in my life and I have moved lots! Empty promises, untrained packers, lies, non responsive.....I could go on and on. You will not get return phone calls. Your driver will lie to you - tell you what he thinks you want to hear and then walk off the job with your pa...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NE to TX
No Communication. Deny and Ignore Tactics

Saturday delivery.  Dropped first 2 pieces.  Did not reassemble. Just wanted to get it over with.  Dragged feet on sending someone out to assess damages.  Then had to call them back out.  Then they claimed they lost file and photos.  Next stated that it was past claim date.  Never made complete offer. Deny  and ignore tactics...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to KS
After you are done with the salesman, got-ya is the theme

Business:  The company hires local tow trucks to drop off and pick up your container.  Container is not handled horizontally, so your stuff will be badly shifted around upon pickup and drop off. Container: Very cheap. Could have paid $100 with another company and got a better sturdier container. Pickup: Inexperiences tow tr...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OK to UT

First, let me say that everyone at Mayflower Moving Company/United Van Lines that I have talked to has been friendly.  But that is about all of the "great customer service" that I have experienced.  My move has been a complete nightmare.  My goods were picked up on May 26th, 2012 with a delivery spread between June 1-June 11 ...[full review]

2 Star Moving Rating
Moved MO to WA

Load was picked up in Lees Summit MO May 30.  Contract stated a 5-15 day delivery window, also listed British Columbia as the delivery terminal (I moved 20 miles south of the border).  On June 6 they called to say there would be a delay of about a week.  I'm sleeping in a cabin on the floor, had to buy warm clothes at a thrif...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved WA to AZ
Erin Hawkins

We paid a little over $1400 for Crown Moving and Storage to move our daughters belongings from the Seattle area to Chandler Arizona. She did not have expensive furniture and I did not take out the additional insurance. The condition her items arrived in was horrible. Most boxes were damaged, some crushed, and some with holes....[full review]

Review with image

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to KY
Mayflower- Stolen Items

Contracted them to move from Colorado to Kentucky. We purchased all the damage insurance from them. They packed everything. They showed up late to load and their appearance wasnt the best. The driver said he was going to another drop off before us and that he was laying over at his home for the weekend. They got there a fe...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within VA
Very Dishonest in Quote and Resolving Problem

I had used Mayflower before in an interstate move from Central N.Y. to Virginia that went very well so decided to use them again, though this time through a local moving franchise, on a local move. Joe Moholland's Movers were incredibly dishonest. I had informed the salesman no less than 3 times that the move to the new loc...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved WV to LA
Worst Military move ever

My husband is in the military and was being transferred from WV to a base in Louisiana, the Army paid Mayflower out of Virginia to move us. The woman who contacted me told me I had to work around HER schedule with my move and was hateful with me until I informed her I'd have the Army use someone else to move us on OUR time si...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to FL
Moving damages. Co won't pay

Horrible, horrible, horrible. Do not use. Over $6000 in damages to my furniture and home. Also several items costing over a thousand dollars went missing. Even though I purchased insurance, it has been over 3 months and the company still has not settled my claim. [full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved KS to LA
This company is below poor. Over the past 20 years we have moved many times and have never had thi

My husband had just retired and this was our final move. We have moved numerous times over the 20 years (which includes going overseas) and have NEVER had a moving experience like this. Out items were delivered (after being held over 180 days) and before the driver could get off the truck with one box he was already telli...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to WA

The move started with a slick talking salesman whose assertions never were true. The movers were in a hurry and cared less. They packed things where ever they wanted so locating them was a nightmare. Then we found some other person's box in our shipment. The biggest problem is that Mayflower uses independent companies all ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OR to KS
The Move from Hell

We moved from Bend, Oregon to Manhattan, KS. I solicited 4 bids prior to making the move and Mayflower while not the lowest seemed to be the best option at the time. Upon selecting the bid working with the agent Klamath falls Moving and storage was an experience in itself, poor or no communication from the company to me. I f...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within NY
Fantastic experience - the best

We had to move our home and store our items in four 16' containers. Pricewise they were by far the cheapest and beat out all other quotes including Pods. Delivery was prompt and timely. The team they sent to load the containers were great. They packed those things so tight and worked tirelessly to get the job done all on t...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved WA to UT
damaged furniture

When movers arrived at our home, they were ill prepared and lacked quanity and quality of packaging materials. They relied upon us to provide boxes and packaging materials. Two large mirrors, which required crating, were wrapped in paper and flimsy cardboard. The frames of both of these mirrors were discovered broken after...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to MO

After 3 moves with my company and this being the first with Mayflower I can say this has been the absolute WORST!!. The crew that showed up to pack were late, unprofessional, and incompetent to say the least. Once our household goods arrived we found numerous broken items including a brand new front load washer and over $3000...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OR to KS
Overall Move

My move from Oregon to Kansas with Mayflower and its associates was terrible at best. The driver showed up Late on Aug 18th, and was aware that he would not be able to take all my furniture on his truck. They started loading at 11AM and finished filling his truck at 10:30 PM at that time they were only able to get 82% of my g...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to LA
Military Move

POOR and UNPROFESSIONAL!! The packers didn't pack all the items. We were missing the top part of our food processor (top, bowl and blade) and a large stuffed eeyore that my father got me before he passed away was stolen. We had items that were broken because they weren't wrapped properly. Tools and greasy items were placed in...[full review]

2 Star Moving Rating
Moved WA to NY
Still Waiting...

Seattle > NYC move began with local agent, Crown Moving, that was helpful, timely and professional. However once in the hands of Mayflower the move fell off schedule. Today was the last day in the moving estimate, yet my stuff is still multiple days away. By their policy I'm not entitled to per diem compensation becaus...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NY to TX
Mayflower Movers

I recently used Mayflower's services to move from NYC to Austin, and let me tell you, it was the WORST experience of my life. I had paid A LOT of EXTRA MONEY to get my belongings to Austin on August 4th, which i signed a guaranteed contract, and it did not show up. When it didn't show up, I called into Mayflower, and they tol...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within WA
mayflower move

our move was scheduled the 28th of june, and was due to be done in one day so we could have the rest of the month to clean the home we were leaving and have it vacant by the 30th. the company came to evaluate the 27th and at the point told me they had poor communication with their office and they were not able to move our hou...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to OR
A month to deliver, no communication

Mayflower was $1k less than any other carrier. Now we no why. Once the estimate was given, it was nearly impossible to communicate with the company. Calls weren't returned, updates were not given and half of our stuff won't even be delivered until a MONTH from the original pick-up date, because they underestimated the space ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within MD
No Show for Estimation

I scheduled a time for an estimator to come to my house. I was given a time and date. The agent also told me to re-confirm the appointment a few days before the scheduled date. I did exactly that. They informed me that I was confirmed for the time and date we had agreed upon. When the date one showed up. I calle...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved AZ to CA

THIEVES! They picked up our household and packed it into crates which, we were told, would house our property until moved. WE LATER FOUND OUT EVERYTHING WAS OPENED AND UNLOADED WITHIN DAYS OF PICK-UP. Our property was in storage for 5 months. When delivered to our Ca. location I tried to count the boxes as unloaded but they ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OH to GA
Vehicle Movement

I chose Mayflower because of name and had confidence in their ability to complete a transaction in a professional manor. Their price was fair, they took longer to find a driver then we discussed, and when an date was agreed upon, the company then changed the date and pick up time...The pick up point was unavailable at the new...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to FL
cross country movers LA to Florida

they lied left california 4 days later than promised 4 days late on delivery and said FU we don't care, oh yeah they also asked for more money after they took our stuff said they under bid the job, do not use at all![full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved IL to MN
Mayflower Movers are awful!!!!!

Mayflower Movers are the worst company I have ever dealt with. First of all, they did not pack things very well. They put kitchen items in with bathroom, etc. It took me forever to find all of my things. Second, The movers who came to pack our items damaged many of them- including a limited edition guitar that is (was) a coll...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NY to NV

Called Mayflower movers to move from New York to Nevada. Chris Blank (salesman was great). Unfortunately once contract is signed and paid for it was all down hill from there. Pick up location inventory is all done by hand with ineligible handwriting, the driver is given to much power to do a sloppy job. Corrupion from the sta...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within KS

I have recently gone thru Capital City Moving and Mayflower Transit out of Topeka, KS for my move from Kansas to Texas. My following complaint: I picked this company because the Marketing Sales Rep was very knowledgeable, friendly and eager to help me. The packers were extremely slow and in my opinion, they did not know ...[full review]

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