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Overall reviews rating: 2 Star Moving Rating
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States of operation: Florida, Colorado, Massachusetts, Washington, North Carolina, California, Kansas, Arkansas, Virginia, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana, Illinois, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, West Virginia

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Honesty: 2 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 3 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 2 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 2 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 3 Star Moving Rating

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Companies that transport household goods within Florida like Mover Nation have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: not provided
US D.O.T: not provided
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Toll free number: (855) 399-1381
Phones: (561) 692-3951
Address: 931 Village Boulevard #905, West Palm Beach, FL 33409, USA

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Total 36 Mover Nation Reviews

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to FL
Worst movers

I experienced the worst move of my life and if this review can help others advoid the experience I had that is my only recourse and have to satisfy my lost.  This was the first time I had ever moved or used a moving company. Being a older woman, retiree on a limited income, I booked this company in Oct to be moved in Apr. I t...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved WV to FL
Poor service is a compliment

  There is no way I would ever deal with Mover Nation again. They did not do the move but only provided me with a quote (based on estimated weight) that was much lower than the actual cost charged by the company that actually did the move (based on volume). DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND $ DEALING WITH MOVER NATION. To my way of ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to TN
move from El paso to memphis

Full service move with packing included was in a binding estimate for 4500.00. Mover showed up at my house on move day immediately pulled out a recission of the binding estimate and tried to charge me 7400.00 for packing materials. Tried to call my moving rep. No answer left numerous messages. No reply. Called customer servic...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to WA
I got scammed on a bad move

Mover Nation does NOT move you. They are brokers for anyone they can find who will actually do the work. What they do do is scam you. Initially, they asked me to participate in an "inventory" of my stuff and then gave me an "estimate" that turned out to be about half the real cost. The first estimate was around $5k. This was ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MO to FL

This company consistently misrepresented themselves not to mention the dispatcher of the contracted trucking company and the driver as well.  This was probably the most unreliable and deceiving company I have ever dealt with.  They have no regard for the customer.  I would have been better doing this move myself and not rely ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to VA
hole in truck

The truck had a hole in the top and our mattresses and furniture got wet.  We were told before the move that our furniture would be wrapped and protected.  How unprofessional and uncaring can a company be to send a truck with a hole in it.  Dinette chairs were dented, a bookcase was destroyed.  The mattresses were dirty and w...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved SC to KY
Scam - Switch and Bait Scheme

After over 45 Phone To summarize Movers Nation:   I was informed my only concern was to ensure I had my inventory correct. Weight did not matter ( I had Jay on speaker phone the day after Christmas because I thought this might be a scam due to the numerous urgent calls on Christmas Eve, the Day after Christmas, New Year's Eve...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to DC
Mover Nation

My son moved from Tennessee to Washington, D.C. on November 20, 2013. I had contacted Jonathan Michael at Mover Nation a few months earlier with my concerns.  He answered all my questions, was never pushy or overbearing and waited for me to call him back to set the moving date when my son was ready to move.  Since it was our ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to FL
Good Price Great Job!!!

I went online and requested a quote from several different companies and after days of receiving estimates I chose to go with Mover Nation. It wasn't because their price was cheaper but rather the knowledge the salesman had. He asked the right questions to make sure my price wouldn't change on me and went out of his way to in...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CA
Scam (incompetency doesn't beging to cover it)

Some highlights from my experience:Several weeks ago, I was contacted by E'Rone to discuss moving estimates. During this conversation, he told me that someone would come to my house about a week before the move for "quality assurance." He also told me that any additional pound over the estimated weight would cost 55 cents mor...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OH to FL
Midleading information on move

On 9/26/13 I was giving an offer I could not refuse on my move from Ohio to Florida. I came to agreement on a contract with Mover nation to deliver my things, not knowing that they are a broker company. I was told I would receive a call 24 hours before a pick-up and it was 6 hours but that was ok with me since I was ready. Th...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to WA
My TV and PC were stolen

I moved from TN to WA thru mover nation. this is a broker company. They will basically hire anybody who will do the move regardless the company reputation. In this case it is Moving express and storage. once it's done, they don't care bout you! anything you lose, just submit a claim. that is very bad.   my experience:   ...[full review]

Review with image

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OH to SC
Refused to move us per contract

We were never told about any 2000lb minimum, but were told we could add and remove items right up to 5 days before the move. We were moving in stages and, since we couldn't get a final quote from MoverNation, had the UHaul movers pack the truck tightly. We still had items that did not fit on the UHaul, but MoverNation refuse...[full review]

4 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to CA
Great Move

My move was short notice due to job relocation, but the people at Mover Nation assisted me with my needs and made sure that the move happened properly.  The people on the phone and the movers in the truck were great. All of my stuff was delivered on time and nothing broken.  I was a little concerned at first because I never h...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NJ
Thanks again guys!!!

My husband and I were in a jam and needed to empty out our second home in Florida as it recently sold. Our real estate agent referred us to Mover Nation and I spoke to a salesman by the name of Jay Mays. We cant thank him enough! he walked us through the process step by step and he got us picked up in 3 days time. The thing w...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved AZ to WA
failure to live up to contract

Would never recommend them to my worst enemies dog.  Less than 48hrs before pickup date I get a call saying that our truck had broken down and that they would get back with me.  24 hours later no call ,so I contact them and they inform me that the earliest that they could pickup my belongings was 7 to 8 days later. I had alre...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved IL to VA
Terrible moving company

When dealing with the booking agent, it was obvious after the fact he didn't care how the actual move went, nor the timing/dates applied to the quote.  My belongings were delivered 10 days late, on the last actual date at 8:30pm.  Then trying to deal with the customer service department during that time?  Please, what a waste...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved LA to NJ
Movers Nation Bait and Switch

We were told that we'd have to pay a total of $2,000 25% for the down payment and the rest when our stuff arrives at our new home. We even asked if we'd have to pay anything else. The sails person reiterated that we wouldn't have to pay anything after the deposit till our stuff arrived. When the movers showed up the movers ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to CA
No Complaints

I couldn't have asked for things to go better. My move was fast, I had to have my stuff picked within 3 or 4 days. Everyone was kind and thoughtful, even the movers, from the time I first spoke to them on the phone until my things were off loaded at my new home with out any problems except a small scratch on one of my husband...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OH to CO
Mover Nation

This company told me they would pick up my belongings on 6/20 with 6/21 as a back up date. No pick up on the 20, no pick up/no call on the 6/21. I called them spoke to someone who ensured me someone would return my call, No return call. the only way I could get through to anyone was by total chance and had to be extremly asse...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to CT

By far, one of the absolute worst experiences of my life!  Mover Nation does a great job (Jeff and Scott, in particular) of making you feel as if they are the most knowledgeable and trustworthy in the industry.  However, once the move is complete (and your belongings are either missing or severely damaged) suddenly you cannot...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to TN

BEWARE!!! This brokerage is not very organized and they lied! They also use horrible companies that do not show up and don't call! We ended up moving our stuff ourselves after they hadn't shown up by Tuesday when they were supposed to be there on Sunday! Mover Nation didn't seem to care, couldn't reach the person who schedule...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MO to FL
Move didn't happen

The sales representative was very friendly, but that was about the only positive experience with this company.  Beware - this company only makes contracts for moving companies with people moving.  They stated that they would pick-up my stuff on a specific date.  Two days before, they called me saying that they no longer had a...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved VA to CO
Bad move

Go straight to a moving company, this is just a company that makes everything sound good and then hires out the real moving company to move you, then everything they TOLD you changes. No one communicates and they lie to you on the phone, and good luck talking to the person you need. I am so mad about being lied to on the phon...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved AR to WA
Horrible Move

Beware!!! Mover Nation is just the broker they get moving companies to do the move. On our move they used Best Move & Stoarage from Houston Tx. Mover Nation was professional and did all the pricing and contract and was great until I called with serious overprices with the movers. They said they would get paper work from the...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NC

1.) They subcontract out to other's such as US movers 2.) The subcontractors and IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of 3.) Late to pickup and late to deliver -changed my delivery date 4 times -the 4th driver finally delivered my goods which were broken boxes and ripped couch -he demanded extra money for going up stairs (money I already...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved KS to CA
Breech of Contract

We arrange for the move with this company 1 month before our due date and pay our deposit in full as well.  One week prior to move they called us to confirm the move and verify inventory list, we had several items that we didn't mention on the first pass, so we paid an extra deposit which is reasonable.  However, 24 hour befo...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to MI
They are brokers and the fee you pay them is gone !

Some one like Lynn Staples calls you and gives you a very LOW quote on your total "Move" from Los Angeles to Central Michigan. Then she asks for a deposit of 30% or $2100, which you'd pay gladly. This is 3 to 4 weeks before the escrow closusre date. She fails to tell you that "deposit" really means "broker fee" and WILL NOT A...[full review]

Review with image

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within FL
Happy old man...

I am a Vietnam veteran, and  I am also  recently widowed. I couldn’t stand being in that big old house all by myself without my beautiful wife, so I decided to sell it and move to small apartment so I would be more comfortable. To my surprise, selling the house was very fast. The only problem was that I didn’t have anybody to...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved MA to NY

It took them just 2 days to deliver our stuff, we were amazed.  Besides, they kept the original price without adding any extra costs at the end, That happened to us in our prior move and it was so disappointing.  We want to thank all the team, including customer service and moving crew, for making us feel appreciated.[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within CO
Great Service

Working with Mover Nation was definitely worth it. They made moving a lot easier than I imagined, and for a very reasonable price. I was worried about my stuff getting damaged, specially technology stuff, but the guys were careful and packed very well. I'm happy I found a moving service I feel I can trust.[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to GA
they adjusted to my needs

I moved with Mover Nation because of the reviews I found on the web. I hadn’t moved in a while and really didn’t find another way of choosing a company.  I recommend them because they find the way to give you a plan that really adjusts to your needs and budget. They accompanied me throughout the process and I felt I could rel...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within WA
Mover Nation is a serious company

Mover Nation is a serious company which cares about customers and their belongings. The sales rep was very polite and answered any question I had promptly. The guys were punctual and organized while loading my stuff in the truck. Finally I received my belongongs the day accorded, and in excellent conditions.[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within FL
I recommend it

Second time I hire Mover Nation and I want to say they are great. It is a responsible company, with good reviews in the web. Movers and drivers are experienced and patient. They manage time very well, and their prices are within the average range. [full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to GA
Fair prices

When I knew I had to move so far, I thought transportation would empty my pockets. Plane tickets for me and my family were already expensive enough.  I was so happy to find Mover Nation which looked like a serious company and had a cost within my reach. I was obviously worried about receiving a truck full of damaged stuff and...[full review]

4 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to FL
Long Move

It took 7 days to finally receive my belongings at new place, It was a long trip from my old house and I was very scared thinking in my china, my old lamp and other important items, so, I called this guys thousand times to check where they were and if any issue happened, they did reported and informed me the condition of the ...[full review]

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