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Overall reviews rating: 5 Star Moving Rating
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States of operation: Florida, Texas, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Maryland, Montana, Colorado, Michigan, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Minnesota, Maine, Illinois, Delaware, Mississippi, Idaho, New Mexico

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Honesty: 5 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 5 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 5 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 5 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 5 Star Moving Rating

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Licenses & Certificates

Companies that transport household goods within Florida like Progressive Relocation have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: 793927Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number
US D.O.T: 2325282US Department of Transportation number
Local State License: not provided

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Toll free number: (855) 575-6683
Phones: (855) 575-6683
Address: 9920 SW 8th St., Pembroke Pines, FL 33025, USA

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Total 187 Progressive Relocation Reviews

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NM to MA

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!  It is a leasing company, which means it contracts through movers in your area. Because of the convoluted paper trail, you have little to no recourse when things go badly.Here's what happened:I booked a move through Progressive Relocation and the movers failed to show up within the specific window of ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to NV
Moved me cheap

Ok so I just graduated and I dont really have that much money to plunk down on a move. I looked for options and thought hiring a mover was out of the quetsion but then I spoke to Anthony at progressive relocation and they did a wonderfukl job including me in another move that was already going that way and they saved me a ton...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved AZ to IN
Great Guys

It was a pleasure working with Progressive Relocation. They were very easy to work with an extremely attentive to our needs. We had zero damages and the price quoted by Anthony is exactly what we paid. I would not hesitate to recccomend these guys to anyone doing a long distance move. the first time I used movers it was a dis...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Great Service

So being raised from a military family I have moved a lot in my lifetime usually the military with Hannah learn moves but a couple times we had to find movies yourselves and have very vivid memories of good movies and bad moves my parents are always stressed out when it came time to move we had a lot of kids in the household ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved NJ to OK
Did a great job

I was very skeptical and anxiuos about using a mover. I heard alot of stories that sacred me. But I am writing to say there are still good people and good companies out their that believe and standbye the service they provide and progessive relocation is one of them. Its started with a quote from anthony and it ended with a d...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NC
Quick but careful

I was very impressed by the quality moving service provided by Progressive Relocation. The movers came on move day and really did a wonderful job wrapping and packing the items. They were very careful handling my antiques and they didnt scratch or scuff a thing. They took apart my bunk beds and they had the needed tools and p...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to MO
Awesome service

These guys were like a dream come true. They gave me a great price. they came out early on move day and wrapped all my furniture up. They packed up the goods tightly and loaded them into the truck very carefully. They treated us and our property very respectfully and they were diligwnt when they delievred as well to make sure...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved IN to CA
Outstanding Move

So I have bounced around my whole life moving is part of my very essence however moving long distance this time I felt the need to enlist the aid a professional movers I was skeptical at first and very very apprehensive however after speaking with Anthony at Progressive relocation I felt at ease and I went ahead and hired the...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to AZ
Punctual and Professional

The staff at Progressive Relocation was oputstanding. They were punctual and worked really hard to get the job done. They packed up the stuff air tight and they had the best attitudes ever. The guys made a difficult situation very much bearable and I really wanted to take the time to thank them for their hard work and dedicat...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to VA
Good Affordable Movers

My biggest worry about hiring a mover was how was I going to afford it. I started getting quotes and the prices were astronomiccal. I thought no way can I afford to hire someone but then when i priced oput getting a rental I found that was very expensive as well. So I was about to give up hope when I got a call from Jason at ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to WV
Outstanding Moving Service

I just want to take the time to thanks Progressive Relocation for the excellent service they provided moving my family to our new home. The rep that booked the move Ashley was a sweetheart and she really knew her stuff. The crew came out well prepared and the quote was dead on. I paid no extra charges and they moved my stuff ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to FL
Very Organized

I was very impressed with the effort and workmanship of Progressive Relocation. They had all the skills and tools to execute my move smoothly and seamlessly. I got the delievry when they had promised and they put all my furniture back together just as I picked it up. I also liked the way they wrapped all my stuff and I was im...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to OH
Saved me Money and Time

I am so happy with the service of the movers and staff at Progressive Relocation that I felt compelled to write a few words of Praise in regards to the work they did. They were punctual , professional and very polite. They were uniforemd , clean cut and the crew leadrer ran them like a miltary squad. Great packing and they de...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NJ
Saved me time and Money

Me and my family are thankful for the wonderful job that Progressive Relocation did with our move. moving ones home is very personal. All my families belonging are on a truck of strangers and I am relieved to say that these guys did an outstanding job from start to finish. The packing and loading was exceptional and they reas...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to OH
Hardworking crew

My Move was not an easy one. They had a ton of stuff to move for me. I have a 6 bedroom home and a huge workshop. I thought ti would take 3 days to loadf all my stuff but they did it in one and a half and didnt knock a thing . I was really impressed by their teamwork and all their equipment was brand new. They were clean , un...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to OR
Hardworking movers

These guys worked their tales off. They were dedicated and diligent. I had alot of glass furniture and mirrors and they crated it all. The cost while not cheap was reasonable and jason and his crew were worth every penny. I got delievry on time and the same guys that picked up delievred me making it easy and seamless. No dama...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to CA
Great Deal

Wow these guys were awesome. I was looking for a mover and frankly didnt think I could afford one and was about to give up . But then I spoke with Jason at Progressive and he found a way to squeeze my move in with someone else going to LA and it saved me a ton of money. The service was great and for the money I probably could...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to PA
Amazing Service

I was blown away by the service and effort of Progressive Relocation. They were prompt and professional. They took apart the beds , wrapped the furniture and packed the glass items. I appreciate the care in which they took with the goods. I would reccommend them to anyone looking for a mover cross country . They were affordab...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to KS
Great Value and service

I am so thankful for the great effort and service i got from Alex and the entire staf at Progressive Relocation. They were attentive and careful The price quoted is exactly what I paid and it was a great deal for the amount of work and packing tht they did. I would not hesitate to use them again and I can't say enough about h...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to TX
Great service

I can apppreciate great service. I am in the hospitality field and I recognize the importance of providing the absolutel best service possible to insure repeat business. Well Progressive Relocation and its staff did just so with my recent move. Anthony was very thorough with his quote and made sure to cover all bases with me....[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to CA
True Professionals

Hiring a movers is so stressful. How to choose one can be so confusing and they all have differnet rates and ways of pricing your move. I want to thank Anthony at Progressive Relocation for be patient with me and explaining me evrything so that it made sense. The crew came on time and were well prepared and cordial. They work...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to AZ
Thanks Progressive Relocation

These guys were awesome. They were reliable, affordable and honest. They packed up my house and my parents as well because we are all moving to the same area in Phoenix and they coordinated things between the two location perfectly so that the move went seamlessly. They went above and beyond including chasing down our dog Ben...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to IA
Terrific Crew

These guys worked their tales off to get my move done in time. See I live in a high rise apartment on the 12th floor and I had an eevator resevrved for the move but it broke midway. So the movers were stuck in a predicament and I had to be out that day. Well the crew leader sent reinforcements and they climbed those stairs an...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to CA
Deserve the 5 star Rating

Wow what a great service these guys provided me and my family moving us cross country. I shopped around for cpmpanes and choose Progressive Relocation because of their positive reviews and competetive pricing and I am thankful to say Jason and their staff were professional and courteous and they really know their business. Th...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NV
Rocked and Rolled Great Job

I am estatic to be doen with this move and I am even happier that they did the move at such a great rate. I mean other companies were charging me almost twice what they wanted and the service was great, They were on time and packed carefully. They saved me money by putting my shipment with another one gimg the same way and sa...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to TX
Good affordable moving service

I set high expectations for service being that I am from a service industry. So I had high expectations for the movers and I am thrilled to say they hit the mark. these guys showed up ready to rock and roll and they packed and loaded me alot faster than I thought possible without knicking a thing. Then on delievry they moved ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to GA
Smooth Move

These guys actually lived up to their promises. They were professional, prepared and prompt. They didnt have any hidden charges and the foremen Mathew even threw in some free materials and his crew did a great job wrapping all the stuff up. They loaded acrefully , made good time in route and arrived as expected. Everything wa...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to WA
Best Price and Great Service

These guys went above and beyond with their service. They not only gave me the best price but the service was outstanding. The office staff especially Jason was always there to attend to my needs and the crew wrked really hard to insure that my items arrived intact and that they kept the cost down. They actually did the move ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to FL
Great Price and Service

I seldom write reviews unless the services is really terribly horrid or outstanding and exceptional. n this case I am thrilled to state it was the latter. They went above and beyond the call of duty. Wrapping and shrink wrapping every single piece. Loading carefully and lableing every single box they packed. Itemizng the inve...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to CO
Great Rate saved money

I am so greatful that these guys were able to move me at such a reasonable rate. The move had me stressed out and I was not sure how I could afford it so I shopped and shopped for a mover and I was about to give up but then I found Jason at Progressive Relocation and he was able to put together a plan for me that made sense a...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved MS to ID
Service Excelled

These guys were th consumate professionals. They arrived in uniforms , in a late model newer truck and had all the equipment and packing materials for any type of need. They crated my TVS, had bycycle boxes for my mountain bike and crated all my pics. The move went smooth as can be and it did not cost me as much as I had fear...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to CA
Affordable and careful movers

So when I ad to move there were two main concerns I had. One was how I was gonna do this move on a shoestring budget and two will my stuff ake it their in oe piece because last time I moved myself it was ugly. So I did some research and gt a few quotes. I choose Progressive Relocation because Jason the rep was excellent witho...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CT to FL
Professional and Polite

So I choose Progressive Relocation based on the recommendation of a freind and I am delighted to say that the move turned out fantastic. The guys were on time and very polite. They came with a bunch of packing materials and were ready to get to work. They did a great job crating my TV and pictures. They were extremely careful...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to OH
Awesome Job very efficient

So this move went so great I just had to thank Ashley and the staff at Progressive Relocation. They were professional form me getting the quote to them delievring the last box and then picking up after themseleves as they left. They were polite and the quote was spot on. Frank was a wizard with an allen wrench and put all the...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved DE to GA
Wonderful movers

These guys were so good they made me feel like I was being moved by friends. They really took the time to do my move carefully as though it was their own stuff they were moving. They wrapped my furniture meticulously and my tvs were crated so well they could havebeen dropped of th fourth floor and survived. I am really apprec...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved IL to AZ
Wonderful Crew

I was extremely impressed with the way that Progressive Relocation handled my move. I had to change my date three times because my closing got delayed and they accomodated with no issue. When move day came they arrived on time ready to go and did a great job packing up my fragile stuff. They handled the stairs like champ and ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NY
Let me piggyback on a move and saved me $$$

I am so greatful for the effort Progressive relocation especially Jason put forward. I was worried that I wouldnt be able to my my small one bedroom because of limited finances and after shopping for a mover for a week a thought I was piriced out but then I spoke to Jason at Progressive and he was able to find another move go...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to MO
Service Oriented

I am thrilled with the job Progressive relocation did with our cross country move. They were very professional and punctual. They came out and gave me an accurate quote. The crew was uniformed and prepared. They worked hard and got the job done in time. And I really appreciate the way they took the time to set up my new home ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to ND
Thanks Progessive Relocation and Hello North Dakota

Moving is such a huge adjustment and when moving cross country to a place you neither know or know anyone at is extremely stressful to say the least however I want to take my hat off to Progressive Relocation for moving us to this beautiful state. I really appreciate the quick turn around time and the outstanding customer ser...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to IL
professional and courteous

Progressive Relocation was amazing moving me cross country. They saved me a ton of money and I loved the way they crated my paintings. I was impressed with how they carried the stuff down the stairs and I like the attitudes the guys had. they were friendly and worked together as a team. On delievry I checked off the inventory...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved ME to MO
First Class Service

These guys were really worht every penny. They made my transition so much easier by paying attention to the details of my move and executing it accordingly. They were methodical taking things apart and crating my artwork. The fact that it was the same crew delivering me as the one that picked me up made for excellent executio...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to IA
Blew me away

Ok I thought this move would take days to do . I mean my wife and I are pack rats and we have accumulated so much stuff over time that I thought it would take two tractor trailters to move it but I am thrilled to say that Progressive got it done with one and and outstanding crew of four that worked their tails off to get us p...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved MN to CA
Great Crew

Moving is such hard work and very stressful. When You add bad weather to the mix it becomes a nightmare. I want to thank Progessive Relocation for facing the terrible cold and snow and still amking it out to us to pack up my family and move us out before our closing date. i really appreciate the efforrt they put n terribe con...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Good price Great Service!

So these days everyone is looking for a deal. However I often find that you get what you pay for and when you are paying someone to move your stuff cross country it is not a service that you want to skimp on. I vetted several movers and choose Progressive Based on the positive reviews and their credentials and I really apprec...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
They Rocked

These gusy were beyond awesome. I goty stood up by another mover so I scrambled to call another carrier and I called Progressive and Jason was able to dispatch a crew that was already in the area the same day. They got there a few hours later ready to go and in another few hour had me packed and loaded and on my way to Texas....[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to NY
Got it done thru rain and snow

These guys didnt let some terrible weather slow them down. The came on my scheduled day and worked in the horrid weather and got the job done.I was impressed how they worked as a team and managed the elements. It was pouring rain on and off that picked me up but they worked around it because I had to be out. Delievry was a pi...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NC
Hardworking crew

I am very happy with the serivce I got during this move so I feel the need to say thanks to the guys, Frank, Jim, Kevin for their excellent effort with my move. They treated my belongings as if it was their own and they did everything they promised to. The office staff was supportive to thanks Angie for starting off the process.[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved AL to NC
Made it easy

These guys really took alot of the headache out of moving. They came and packed all our stuff. Took inventory of everything and wrapped and packed the furniture . I didnt have a place ready at first so they stored my stuff at no added cost for a month and when delivery came they set up the home beautifully and even made me so...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to MN
Got it done

Well to put it mildly moving sucks. and moving in horrible winter weather across country is really terrible. I want to thank Progressive Relocation and its dedicated staff for making this move happen smoothly in hoorid weather and with short notice. another mover bailed on me and Progressive came and got it doen. Thanks guys[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Two Thumbs up

Made my unbearable situation almost pleasant by providing a great service. They gave me a detailed quote and that translated to a smooth transition for me from start to finish. They took their time wrapping, tagging and loading the items and everything arrived in pristine condition. Thanks alot Progressive Relocation.[full review]

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