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Overall reviews rating: 4 Star Moving Rating
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States of operation: Florida, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, New York, Arizona, California, Maine, Virginia, Mississippi, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, Washington, Alaska, Iowa, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin

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Honesty: 4 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 4 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 4 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 4 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 4 Star Moving Rating

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Licenses & Certificates

Companies that transport household goods within Florida like Public Movers have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: 432357Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number
US D.O.T: 1029046US Department of Transportation number
Local State License: not provided

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Public Movers reviews, complaints and consumer reports online. Read authentic Public Movers testimonials and ratings.

Toll free number: (800) 961-7720
Phones: (404) 586-4009
Address: 2880 S Park Rd., Hallandale , FL 33009, USA

About the company

We offer moving services to the continental United States. Our most popular service is long distance moving and you receive a complimentary 30 days of free storage when you reserve a move with us. If you have any questions regarding our other services you may contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Total 139 Public Movers Reviews

3 Star Moving Rating
Moved within WI
American Moving Group uses Public Movers

I booked through American Moving Group I was told that they would be moving my stuff because there home office was in Florida.  I didnt know until I was in the airport and Public Movers called that they would be moving my stuff. I didnt even put it together until I called the number back and got Public Movers. I then called A...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to CA
Kind and helpful service.

I'd rather visit the dentist than have to arrange a move. Hence why I'm so grateful David at Public Movers was so helpful and made it easy for me. During set-up, I must have called him ten times for details, changes or questions and everytime he was the model of polite assistance. For all those customer interactions that are ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to FL
Bait and switch!

BAIT AND SWITCH should be this company's motto.  Worst moving experience ever!  The price, date of pickup, and date of delivery were completely different than promised.  We had the house packed up for three days waiting on an answer and they couldn't give us one.  When they finally arrived, they took 9 hours to pack the truck...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MI to TN
Wish I would of read reviews first

I am relocating from Michigan to Tennessee my sales rep was Tonya very nice lady, but when the movers got to my location mind you I had already left for Tennessee they begin to say this and that was going to be extra for boxes because mine weren't good enough extra for plastic wrapping glass tables which tonya said came with ...[full review]

4 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Very Pleased with my move

I want to thank Public Movers for moving my things, they came on the day I needed and I received all my furniture and boxes in good condition. I needed a special box, and they were glad to help. Good guys work together for us. Thank You for helping me,  I would call again should I need to move  and would reffer you to my f...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to PA
The worst

  Do not consider this bad company , first , I took their offer because  they told me that they will deliver my furniture two days after the pick up because they have a truck heading to my new apartment, that was a lie , second, on , no body called 24 hours before coming to pick up my furniture , if I have to re schedule , I ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NE
Awful experience

I will never use them again. It took 27 days to get my stuff to me. I should have read the tiny fine print on the back that basically says they have 31 days to deliver or longer because they don't count weekends as "move" days. I was told by the people loading the truck that we would see our items within 14 days. After 2 week...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NY
Good work

Public Movers moved me from miami to NYC. Very friendly and helpful on the phone and gave me a discount for booking in March. They answered all questions about moving and storage if I needed storage between pickup and delivery.  The men at pickup and delivery were experienced and were good on prices. Happy with my service fro...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to MI
Terrible Service

I spoke with Renee about moving items from Atlanta to Detroit early March, 2014.  At first she was very nice knocking off fees and throwing in free wrapping, the whole nine.  Their quote had been significantly cheaper than most of the other moving companies and since I was only having a 1 bedroom apt transported I took the ba...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to AZ

If you have been wronged by this company FILE A LAW SUIT....I JUST GOT THE PAPERWORK THAT I WON FOR THE ENTIRE AMOUNT....don't wait....if you present the evidence and the paperwork YOU WILL WIN!!!! Have patience....the judge knew this was a no brainer. i had pictures and kept all the documentation.... they wanted this to be m...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to FL
Good price, systematic and fast

Great movers. Punctual and organized work for a great price. Public Movers gave me a quote for an Augusta to Miami move and it was the best price. I went with them and they were very clean and fast workers. They did a great job on packing as nothing was damaged and the delivery was systematic and was finished before I knew it...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved SC to FL
Good service

Moved from Columbia to Miami and had Public Movers do my move. I was referred to them by a friend and I'm happy with my decision. I received full packing from them and they wrapped many of my items for free. They also gave me a senior discount because I was moving down here with my mother. On pickup they were fast, friendly, ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to WI

I had a good communication with them. Answered all questions  and I got excellent service. Made my move very easy.Even tho they had to go thru some pretty bad weather coming up here. All their truckers were professional and polite. I would recommend them to everyone.[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to VA
Quick and Safe

Public Movers did an excellent job. They moved my apartment as well as my mothers to Virginia. We originally told them we were moving to D.C. and they gave us a special rate, but I found out I was moving a bit north - and they still gave it to us at the same rate! They were very kind and organized - keeping my things seperate...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NY
Really nice people

Public Movers was great. I was moving my family home from Clearwater to New York and I decided on them. There were companies with comparable prices, but Public Movers was very helpful, answering all my questions about moving. They told us in the morning they had men in our area if we were ready to be picked up, later that aft...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Avoid at all costs

The truck came two hours early and I was not fully prepared. They came in a small Budget truck that was overpacked.  They had the initial item list, not the list that had been updated numerous times.  For some reason, Cindy listed all my items (which included a very large armoire, couch, etc) at 400 sq ft.  As soon as the hea...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to IL
Easy move

I wanted to move back to Chicago as living in south Florida all year was too hot for me. A friend told me about Public Movers so they were one of the companies I called. They answered all my questions and ending up having the best price even with extra packing. They came to my apartment in Miami and came to Chicago to unpack ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to CA
first time moving

They helped me relocate from Atlanta to LA on really short notice. Other companies that I called to get a quote said that they couldn't help me at this time but Public Movers gave me an estimate and was very helpful. The woman I spoke to was very nice and answered all my questions. This was my first time moving and they helpe...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved AR to TX
Moving back with family

I just finished my experience with Public Movers and I am pleased. My father passed away and I needed to move back to Houston. They explained they could get me to me in Little Rock and have my things in Houston in 3 days. They offered the best price and packed everything at my home and unpacked everything at my mothers perfec...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NJ

STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY   First issue: I was quoted for approximately 430 cu ft for $1200. Cindy informed me that if I would like them to package my stuff up, it would cost me an additional $300. My original estimate included a sectional couch, large 2 person computer desk, and large coffee table. Thes...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within GA
nice move...

It's been a while since I've changed my apartment. I was looking for a complete change of surroundings. I took my time in preparing for this relocation and so I was in contact with at least four moving companies for a month. Finally, I've found public mover (my uncle recommended the mover). So, I made contact with them, got a...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to IL

Public Movers moved me from Florida to Chicago last August. Most of my boxes arrived mangled.  I packed very carefully using bubble wrap and lots of insulation but the boxes were destroyed and many things arrived broken.  I was also delivered an extra box that was not mine. I have been calling them for 11 months asking them t...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within FL
highly recommended

Here are the reasons why I made my apartment changing with Public Movers- 1. The representative was very polite and answered my all questions' 2. They were early on both ends 3. Moving team was pleasant, fast and polite 4. Good communication 5. My all belongings were transferred safely without any damages or scratches 6. Pric...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within TX
I won the days!

I have recently joined the logistic department of a local tobacco company and was assigned to bring the most affordable quotes from the most reliable moving companies in the market. It was quite a bit of challenge for me since was worth largely depended upon this task. I surveyed the market and after careful consultations, I ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved IL to GA
Great moving team

Public Movers are certainly going to be my top most recommendation by all means. They have won my trust the very first time I dealt with them. I am amazed how swiftly and cleanly they make things happen absent haphazardness in the rooms. They helped us shifting from out last apartment to this newer one and we found them very ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved NY to MI
Public Movers did a fantastic job for me!

One thing is for sure; they are real professionals in their field! It was not the first that I was using their moving service and yet again it was not the first time I found myself completely satisfied with what they offered me! I’m afraid they are not the cheapest dealers in the locality; still the quality of work and the ti...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved OH to IN
Impressive arrangements and planning

Thank you for your excellent moving assistance. Since it was my very first time to hire your services, I was not very convinced first up. But as I saw your team taking extra caution handling my belongings, getting to the site in time, offer economical rates and above all, offering considerable discount on a long move, I am qu...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to WI

I moved from North Carolina to Wisconsin.  While I was dealing with Tonya prior to the move she was nothing but helpful but once the movers came (A day later then scheduled and shortly before I was to fly out) the whole experience changed.  When my load arrived in Wisconsin I was told I owed twice the amount of the balance th...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to AL
Very much admirable service!

Not many companies would take risk of moving glassware to a long distance! I contacted a few companies before reaching this one but none of those companies had a mechanism and plan to handle such delicate products. When I got to Public movers, these guys told me how they plan and use different equipment to manage things. Impr...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within AK
Excellent responsiveness!

The response time of these mover was exceptional. The other day I was planning to shift a few cupboards, racks and room trolleys and just sent an email query to I expected to hear from them in a week's time but was amazed to see their detailed reply right within six hours' time. The very next day, they calle...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved WA to UT
Outstanding by all means!

I have not seen a better moving service! On account of my business needs, I have moved thrice in last two years. The first time I used a renowned moving service, it was sheer disappointment. The experience did not change even though I had changed the moving service for the second time. But this time, with Public Muvers, it wa...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to FL
They offered competitive rates!

Moving companies are notorious for their very high rates and often distasteful delay in services. And this is what worried me when I was about to choose a moving company for moving to Florida. At that time, one of my friends opined that I must go for public movers since they are emerging and quite reliable moving hands. Follo...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved AZ to TX

i would rate this service as one of the finest online services that came in my experience. Online companies do not generally pay a serious heed to customers’ time. But this moving company seemed to have really valued my time. I asked Thomas that I needed my business move to be completed right within a day’s time and he made s...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved KY to FL
Do not use Public Movers

Just like all of the other horror stories about Public Movers, I have one too. I am a disabled woman and needed to move from Kentucky to Florida to take care of my mother who had a heart attack. Public Movers quote for my move was 1113.00. Upon arrival Issac, one of the movers, started telling me how much stuff I had. I expla...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within CA
Mind blowing company!

Business shifting and relocation is not a newbie's game! It takes considerable experience, perfect planning and skilled labor to get the job completed. When I first had to shift ten thousand seed bags to my store room, west in California, I was recommended by one of my friends to contact this moving company. I hesitated at fi...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to SC
They are real experts in moving!

By far this has been the most facilitating moving service we have used. We deal in kitchen accessories and have to send huge number of products to different states. In past, we had been using multiple services for moving our products but none of them was able to completely satisfy out requirements. But with public movers, it ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to GA
What a well versed team

Besides their excellent on field performance, I am especially impressed and inspired the way they have communicated with me right from the day first till the last day. Thomas, Lisa and whole their team has been so facilitating, friendly and accommodating that I got to admire them for this. And such a well versed team certainl...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to FL
Cool, Calm and Affordable!

These guys are really dynamic and energetic. They moved my belongings from San Diego, CA to Florida City, FL. See them working and you'll be convinced about their specialty and professionalism. They are not amateurs experimenting with your precious belongings. They are pretty experienced and season movers. I had a bulk of ant...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to SC
WoW! What a moving team!!

I guess they are changing the conventional trends I moving and relocating. A genera concept about moving company is like a team of men with strong muscles, dragging heavy objects on a truck and unloading the objects at a point given! But pubic movers seem to have a view point pretty different than this. It was my first experi...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NJ
Public Movers is a horrible company!!

The sales person, Scott, was very misleading and promised delivery time that was false. When confronted, he would not return any calls or emails; however, he was always available, prior to.   I was also not informed that my belongings would be transferred to Miami from another vehicle, as opposed to being taken straight from ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within TX
Best Movers!

Public Movers has been a fantastic service to use! Not only that they remained quite affordable but very accurate and efficient as well. Their service men seemed very energetic throughout and the manager of the team lead it really well. And since I know many of the moving companies working around, I can tell you that their pr...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to WA
A Moving Service!

What makes a moving company really perfect? An ability to handle heavier objects carefully, being economical, polite in communication and above all, capability to finish the job in time. Yes, all these qualities are right there in these perfect movers. I am delighted for my decision of choosing them for the project. It went r...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to GA

I am in the process of a move with Public Movers and I am experiencing a total nightmare. I spoke with sales rep (Elizabeth) over the phone. I was initially told that I would be contacted 2 days before the move (window) what the exact date and time of pick-up would be but I actually called Public a night before the move windo...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to AZ
Complete range of services

i'd like to share my experience with this moving brand. Initially, I thought them of an ordinary and not-so-renowned moving company offering moving services on shorter distances. I was actually looking to shift some bulk of items to a destination well over 100 miles. As I approached them, I was told by their business manager ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved AL to SC
Absolutely brilliant moving brand!

Thank you Thomas for your outstanding moving plan, thank you Sandra and Lisa for your smooth communication with us and thank you whole your team for making such a hectic work looks extremely easy. I have every reason to say that you guys have been the perfect dealers for me. I found no problems during the packaging, loading t...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to GA
An Easy-To-Work-With team!

On the whole, their team offers services that suffice all your personal and commercial needs. My brother had hired their services last month for shifting some mechanical instrument to his newly built workshop and I was quite inspired the way they worked that time. And this week I hired their services for one of my residential...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within TX
No doubt, excellent moving service!

Great moving service! I have really enjoyed working with them. No horrible hidden cost, no weird bundle of taxes and commission and no idiotic delays. Everything just pen perfect! Seems like I have got the perfect match for my business needs! Thank you team Public-Movers![full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to AL
My Review About

I'd like to convey a few things about Public movers to all. To start with, these guys are really humble and polite when they communicate with their customers. And I have experienced them twice to give this statement. Moreover, their service charges are very nominal. Literally, if you can find some moving company offering equa...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved within CA
All credit to their hard work....

rationally speaking, I have gauged public movers keeping a number of parameters in mind. It was my first dealing with them last week when I asked them to lend me their services for shifting to my new home in Alabama. Since it was just at a distance of 93 miles from my residence, they considered it a local move and issued me a...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to FL
Very much trust worthy!

If you ask me, yes, you can trust this moving company. And there are good reasons for why it is so! First, they are not newbie in this business. They have been satisfying thousands of customers like me and are well reputed for their job. And secondly because they have a professional squad of movers who are skilled enough to h...[full review]

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