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Overall reviews rating: 5 Star Moving Rating
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States of operation: Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California, Connecticut, Ohio, Arizona, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, Washington, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, New York, South Carolina, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, Nevada, Michigan, Delaware

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Honesty: 5 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 5 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 5 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 5 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 5 Star Moving Rating

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Licenses & Certificates

Companies that transport household goods within Florida like Trans United have to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Bureau of Compliance is the responsible regulatory authority that manages intrastate movers. Movers should be registered with the FMCSA to operate interstate.

ICC MC number: 702632Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number
US D.O.T: 1984608US Department of Transportation number
Local State License: not provided

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Toll free number: (855) 848-7225
Phones: (305)503-3839
Address: 3389 Sheridan St, Suite 194, Hollywood, FL 33020, USA

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5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to OR

The staff at Trans United was excellent. They worked diligently on every aspect of my move starting with providing a thorrough quote to the packing of my fargile items to dispatch keeping me informed of every junction of my move. The overall service was first rate and it was a pleasure working with Joe, Melissa and Sam. Great...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to AZ
Great Price and Free Storage

Ok so my move was not a simpe one. Both my family in one location and my parents about 20 miles away were all moving together cross country to Phoenix to one home. However trick was my new place was not ready till a couple weeks later so we needed to store our stuff and then have it delievred. Well I started to get quotes and...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CA
Outstanding Work

I am very impressed by the professionism of Trans United . The guys arrived on time and uniformed and the truck was new and marked. They had all the proper equipment and they worked their tales off to pack and load everything very nicely. They stayed in touch throughout the move so I knew when they were arriving and they set ...[full review]

2 Star Moving Rating
Moved MA to FL
Wish I'd have moved myself

After waiting almost 2 weeks for my belongings, having my belongings go into storage which they were not supposed, the cost and condition of the boxes and the rest of delivery if I had it to do over again I'd have moved myself.  In all fairness to the Trans United, my representative was let go after we booked our move order. ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Affordable and professional

All I can say is Wow. These guys were incredible. They came on the designated day and knocked out my move in no time. I thought it would take all day but they were done in 3 hours and they did a wonderful job wrapping and packing everything. I will not hesitate to use them again and I highly recoomend them to anyone looking t...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved AR to FL
Horrible Experience!

This is going to be lengthy but do yourself a favor and finish! We found this company on the internet and thought the reviews were good so made the decision to call. The sales person was very nice and was personable enough so we preceeded with the plan. We had several conversations with James before the move. The day of the m...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to WI
Great value and Free storage

This company was really awesome for me they not only packed and moved me but they stored my items for three wekks till my new place was done being renovated. I really appreciate the attention to detail with packing inventoring all my items Alex was really excellent and the entire staff exuded professionalism . I got a great v...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CO
Awesome Movers

These guys were amazing they worked their hands to the bone to try get me out of my house before the rain came in. They got in at 7AM and they were ready and willing to go. They hustled to pack me up and did an awesome job with my fragile items and painting I had on the wall. I am thrilled with their hardwork and great attitu...[full review]

2 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CT
Poor delivery experience, dirty items, poor packing, finger pointing

I paid over $3k for my move plus tip from Miami to New Haven CT.  The packing team arrived on time and appeared to do a good job with 4 movers in uniform.  I was happy, they were happy.  Its all down hill from here. Delivery was performed by a different company.  I was promised that Trans-united operated all of their own truc...[full review]

Review with image

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within GA
Moving Job #T684217

The cost went up $130.00 without any explanation.  The original listing of items to be moved ended up changing to a much lower number of items.  The salesperson said that was okay because when the movers come they would adjust the inventory and the cost should go down accordingly.  That NEVER HAPPENED.  The Salesperson (Willi...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to PA
Excellent Service

The staff at Trans United were exceptional and they really worked their tales off to do a great job for me. They took apart my childrens bunk beds and they wrapped all the furnitur carefully. Delivery went without a hitch and the guys were very easy to work with. The quote given by James is exactly what i paid and I had zero ...[full review]

3 Star Moving Rating
Moved IL to TX

What I was quoted and actually payed were two Totally different things!!!! The movers were on time and did a good quick job. That's were the good servic completely ends. Up charge on everything. If a I call and tell you exactly what I have I expect to be quoted on that. When they say all packaging is included in cost I expect...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to TX
Quick and Affordable

I have nothing but accolades for Trans United and their wonderful staff. Smanthan, Sashley, Josh and Vann were all exceptional at their positions. Communication was great and the estimator gave me an accurate quote that translated into a well executed , well planned logitical masterpiece of a move. The movers worked together ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to IN
Went above and beyond

These men were hardworking and dedicated. they worked all day to get me out in time despite the bad weather and to top it off the elevator broke down mid move so it was very difficult circumstances . The truck was new and they had all types of packing materials so they packed all my stuff to spec and evrything made it in perf...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Professional Movers

Ok so last time I used movers it was a not so great experience. i had extra charges on delievry , the guys smoked like chimneys and they scratch up some furniture. i fI could pull of moving my family cross counrty myself I would but i just dont have it in me but I ma glad to say trans Unted ddi an excellent job moving us to T...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to PA
True Pros

I was impressed by the overall service and professionalism of Trans United and its staff. When I began getting quotes I was stunned by some of the reps I spoke with who barely spoke english and seemed to know nothing about moving. Howveer when I dealt with Joe at Trans United I was impressed and felt as if I was in good hands...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CA
Cheap and affordable

I was blown away with the quality service I recieved and the price i paid. I mean alex was outstanding quoting me and Josh and his crew were awesome they worked well as a team and they handled the move like champs. Wrapped all my furniture and took apart my beds. Then on delivery they put the beds back together and and set up...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to NY
First Class Service

Amazing effort and professionalism moving us to NYC. I looked at several different movers and decided on these guysbecause of their stellar reviews and track record. I would not hesitate to hire them again if needed. They handled my 3 floor walk up like champs and they were just very polite and easy to get along with. None of...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to DC
First Class Service

These guys were amazing I am so greatful for the job they did moving me and my family. They were meticulous with my packing and the movers were all around pleasurable to work with They took great care of my mirrors and TVs and they handled my stairs no problem. The quote was dead on and I could not have asked for more. Great ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to DC
Careful and Cheap

Ok so when I was looking for a mover I had two main concerns. One was how was I going to afford the move and second was are the movers going to tear all my stuff up. So I was very careful looking to select a mover. I got five quotes from movers with the right credentials and I choose Trans United based on the combination of p...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to NC

It was so hot on my move day that you could fry eggs on the asphlat. I mean it was scorching. So I was worried that these guys were going to fall out on me but they manned up and pushed through the heat. They took their time wrapping my furniture and took apart my beds and crated my TVs. On delievry they put everything back w...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to WV
Stand up Guys

These guys are first rate. They came uniformed and on time ready to get down to busienss. I was worried they wouldnt be able to dissassemble the intricate Bunk Beds they had but they were able to take it apart no prob and the same crew that picked me up deleivered so putting it back togetehr was a snap. I am thrilled with the...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to WI
Efficient and Affordable

I had heard a ton of horror stories about movers. So when I choose a mover the made sure to look at reviews to get a good gauge of what the company is about. Well Trans United was awesome and I couldnt be more pleased. The guys were the consumate professionals and the price while not the lowest was very competive and for the ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CA
Best Price Great Service

Well what can I say but that these guys at trans United were awesome. Theyt gave me a binding not to exceed cost for my move aftre doing an inventory of my stuff and the services I needed and I did not pay a dollar more. The crew was uniformed, clean and professional like Alex promised they wouyld be and the truck and all the...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to IA
Ran Like Clockwork

Being from the military I ahve moved a million times and I must say that when you move you hope for the best but are prepared for the worst. No matter how good the mover you usually have damages and excess cost that pop up.I was concerned about these things but Trans United put those worries to rest by providing a smooth care...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to OR
Devoted Staff

OK I am the first to admit I am a real worry wart. So me trusting movers to handle all my personal stuff was very troubling for me. I must say I was so stressed about the move that I wish I could have done it myself but I am pleased to say the staff at Trans United was very nice and patient with me. I asked James a thousand q...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to CA
Terrific Service

Thansk Trans United for taking the headache out of my move. I was so apprehensive about the whole process but James took his time explaining every step to me and he was great at plannig the lgistics. The result was a seamless transition for me and my new family to our new home and that allowed tme to focus on the new job I wa...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX

Moving is never easy. Whether you are moving next door or 1000 miles away it often requires blood , sweat , and tears. Well Trans United and their staff worked their buts off to accomodate our move last second after another mover did not show up. They came with bells and whistles on ad I loved the positive energy of the forem...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to MD
Marveloius Work

Outstanding effort and professionalism was displayed bu Trans United and its crew. They arrived on move day uniformed and in a clean well kept truck, They had every packing material know n to man and they knoew how to use it. They packed pictures, TVS and my clothing . The dishes we did ourselves but they handled everything e...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CT

First of all, the mover poorly pakeyed my stuff in Florida, they didn't carry my stuff professional to their truck.. Sliding it down the stairways etc..   The arrival of ,y stuff was a week late.    Initially over thehone they have me a quote of $1400, but the movers came to my home and charged me $2400.. They could have prop...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to OR
They were awesome

These guys worked so hard and made a tough job look so easy. i really appreciate the effort and care they showed my stuff. They packed everything airtight and I mean you could drop this stuff off a 4 story building and nothing wouyld happen to it. They were prompt and worked quickly. I got delievry on time and they didnt have...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to NE
Great job and affordable

So when I started looking for a mover I was so confused. And frankly I did not understand why the movers estimated different ways to calculate our move price and why some services seemed so expensive. Well I want to thank William at Trans United for Taking the time to be patient and explain things to me in way that made sense...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to AL
First Class Service

Being that I have maaged major hotels for over 20 years I can recognize qualityu services and I must say James and the stafff at Tran United are consumate professionals. James started by giving me a detailed Binding Move quote for my move and then told me why I should choose Trans United. I was convinced and pulled the trigge...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NY
Fantastic Workers

These guys were awesome they worked so hard for us taking care of our goods and packing everything so carefully. They were respectful with our items and their quote was accurate as well. They took aprt the beds and then on delivery reassembled them and put all the furniture in the appropriate places. They worked through the d...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to CA
Outstanding Job

Theseguys are hardworking professionals and they had great atttitudes. It started with a quote from Kim who was very pleasant to work with. She took her time going through a quote with me and explained the entire process to me so that I felt comfortable with it. I pulled the trigger and I am glad I did they were prompt and pa...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to CA
My Heroes

Its so hard being a single mom sometimes. Raising two kids on a tight budget without any help from a man can be overwhelming. However I want to thank Trans United and especially James for taking such great care  of us during the move and doing for a fair price. The guys were very nice and James was a doll and really helped me...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to MS
Saved the day

Ok so I must admit I can be a sucker sometiems. I originally went online to get a quote and I was bombarded by calls so I got a ton of quotes and figured OK I will just use the cheapest one. BIG Mistake! The company took a big deposit from me and then no showed on move day and told me they could not be there till next week > ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Service Excelled

I myust say from start to finish Trans United was a professional moving service that strived to meet my needs.  I am a single mom on a limited budget and I really had to strecth my dollars to make this move work so I shopped around for a mover that I could afford and that had good reviews and Trans United was the choice that ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to IL
On Point

I am a very detailed oriented person and I am very picky about my belongings so using a moving company was a real test in trust for me. I mean turning over all my stuff to someone I never met and is driving it cross country is nervewracking but I am releievd to say it all went as planned by me abd the rep Alex. The movers cam...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to MT
Stellar effort

So I was worried about how I was going to pull this move off. We have accumulated so much stuff over the years that there was no way that me and my wife could pack and move ourseleves however the quote we were recieving were so high that we figured maybe sell evrything and start over again . But the we spoke to James at Trans...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to CA
Exceeded my expectations

Ok if you as anyone that knows me they will say that I am an extremely difficult person to please. I mean I am obessive and I put the O in OCD however the staff at Trans United was up to the challenge. I hired them based on Alex giving me  a detailed quote and the many positive references I saw online. The crew did not dissap...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TN
Outstanding work

I am so relieved to have this move over with and i am thrilled with the job that Trans United did. Also I am pleased with the value i recieved for the price i paid. When taking into consideration the work , packing material expense and time involved it made more sense to use a mover and Josh and his crew were a pleasure to wo...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to FL
Fairly priced and professional

These guys hit all the points that were important to me and my family during the move. They were prompt. Showed up clean and uniformed. Had a great looking truck. They were thorough when doing the inventory and they wrapped all the stuff carefully. the quote was spot on and their were no headaches or suprises. I was pleased w...[full review]

2 Star Moving Rating
Moved within FL
Condo to condo move

Arrived on time. Estimated 3 hours and it took 6 hours. Many add-ons not quoted. Constantly talking about how they are trying to save you money while adding in extra charges. Our $500 quote cost $1500. They know you have no options once they pick up your stuff, so they take advantage of it with things like "log walk charges"....[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved CO to IN
Efficient and affordable

Ok so when I started looking for a mover I had spoken to so many sales represantatives that my head was starting to spin. I mean these guys were all over the place with prices and how they do prices and I was really confused to the poitn that I didnt know what to do. Then I spoke with James at Trans United who really clarifie...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to TX
Affortdable and Professional

It is seldom these days that you get a quality service for a good price. Usually its either or. When it came time for me to move I was working with a limited budget. I shopped around and Treans United offered me a great rate and had good credentials. Well the movers came on move day and got down to business. They worked quick...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NV

These guys were true professionals. Alex the rep took her time explaining the moving process to me from start to finish. She gave me a firm binding quote. They arrived on time and had all the proper equipment to get the job going. They had all the nececcessary dollies, packing materials and they were four guys which was more ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved MD to MA
On Time and quick

These guys were so quick wrapping and moving my stuff. I really need to be out in a hurry and expressed that and they made it happen. and although they worked fast I got everything in tip top shape with no damages. The pictures were crated up and the Tvs were well cared for as well . I am so happy to be done with the move and...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved FL to NM
Reliable Service

Using a mover requires a huge leap of Faith. I mean you are giving everything you own to starngers to tyransport the stuff over a thusand miles for you withoul losing or breaking anything. Well these guys made it happed. They gave me a detalied quote. Then Josh and his crew came out and inventoired and packed everrything and ...[full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved WA to FL
Great price and free storage

ALL I can say is thank you Trans United. You guys really saved the day. I had to move and I had to do it quick for a job offer I just recieved so I scrambled to find a mover and well to be frank I couldnt find one I could afford and I needed to get storage because I didnt have a new place yet but when I spoke to Alex at Trans...[full review]

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