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Overall reviews rating: 2 Star Moving Rating
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States of operation: Indiana, Georgia, Massachusetts, Nevada, Colorado, Washington DC, Illinois, Tennessee, California, Virginia, Oklahoma, Ohio, Utah, Alabama, North Carolina, Maryland, Texas, New Mexico, New Jersey, Arizona, Michigan, Washington, Missouri, Vermont

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Honesty: 1 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 1 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 2 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 2 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 2 Star Moving Rating

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Phones: 317.849.7900
Address: 8010 Castleton Road, Indianapolis, IN 46250, USA

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Total 29 Wheaton Van Lines Reviews

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved VT to RI
No responsibility for damages/missing items

Wheaton used subsidiary carriers since they didn't service VT, and they failed to tell us this is how they operate.  2 guys from Wheaton were good & on time; however, they (along with the Wheaton acct rep) failed to tell us we had to inspect everything for damages and missing items, etc. @ time of delivery.  Instead we were t...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved IN to NJ
Wheaton and other moving company quotes

Moving with Wheaton Van Lines/Crown Moving and Storage – Indianapolis, IN Most Americans do not understand how moving companies operate and, apparently, do not care. Because of their indifference, consumers pay thousands of extra dollars pursuant to what is, at root, a near fraud. We obtained a number of quotes for a move of ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved WA to TX
Very dissatisfied with move--much damage

I used Wheaton for a move in 2012 from Texas to Seattle and had a very nice experience, therefore, I chose Wheaton again.  I was extremely disappointed at the lack of professionalism exibited by Wheaton's Claims department and the lack of professionalism of the moving crew chosen by Pacific Movers.  They were sloppy in appear...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to WA
Wheaton Worldwide Moving

Furniture was taken in new condition, delivered scratched, marred, and two pieces splintered. Some items missing ie, ten baseball caps, oil painting, crockpot, that we know for sure. In the past as military officer and Air line Captain I have moved many, many times both inter and intra state, always with satisfactory results....[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to IN
No accountability and no professionalism

First off I want to point out, DONT USE WHEATON!!! USE ALLIED!!! The story starts as such. I was starting a new job in Indiana and I needed to move, I looked at a local agency that recommended Wheaton. Ok. Long story short ALL... and I mean ALL my boxes that I packed were destroyed, as well as my Grandmaothers furniture tha...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MI to CT
Wheaton's Communication and Timeliness

Expensive move.  Driver had an emergency and my delivery was suspended.  I still do not know when my furniture will be delivered. Very poor communication. I had to call them. No follow up, no apparent commitment to delivering my furniture in a timely fashion.  Extremely disappointing. [full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved AZ to NV
Holding items

Do not use these people. Horrible ! A brand new couch was unwrapped from being wrapped in plastic and blankets that wrapped in only to be drug across concrete, the couch was tirn in several places. They still have a small truck of my belongs. I've been in my new residence for nine days. No one will return my calls. [full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to FL
bad moving experience

The salesman from Wheaton/Mathers Bros in Raleigh NC quoted my weight at 5000 lbs. which is what the weight of household goods was on my previous move a yr earlier from Denver to Wake Forest, NC. That move was twice as far as this move and cost me just over 4k. Mike added a $515.00 shuttle fee to the estimate because a large ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NJ to FL
Lying Dishonest Thieves!

My move started in NJ when I was to expect a crew of 5 people, only to have 2 show up to pack a 2300 sq. home in what should have been 2 days that turned into near 5.  My company paid for this move so I was not allowed to pack or do anything which would have been ok had WHEATON did the right job and not cut corners to be chea...[full review]

Review with image

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to ID
Bad customer service

Where to even begin. Movers never showed up day of move- it was like pulling teeth trying to get Michael(corporate) to finally say "unfortunately no one will be there to move you". We were closing on our house next day & had to be out. Scrambled found someone locally to use a uhaul & put our items in storage. Stuff was picked...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to FL
deceitful and useless

We were told that the estimated weight was overstated.  It was understated by more than 10% (which of course we have to pay for). We were told (before loading) that we had a 3 day window for delivery that we had to be present for.  After 6 days in a hotel and 12 days since loading, the delivery is supposed to be in 2 more day...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved NC to DE
They'll steal your stuff!!

Stole my electronics and damaged my property, then denied the claim. As well, they were rude and also strung me along for several months before ultimately denying my claim. I would not use this company, they are extremely unprofessional and unreliable.[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to ID

The company rep came to our house to do an estimate. He was very professional. We received the estimate via email a day later (on 1/18) stating to fax the estimate to them that day if we want them to pick up our belongings on 1/26...and if we faxed it to them later the pick up would be on 1/28.  We replied via email that we c...[full review]

2 Star Moving Rating
Moved IN to ME
Damaged Harley Davidson

When movers arrived they unloaded the truck then got to the bike where they found the bike damaged on the rear fender. I was told they hauled many bikes before and not to worry prior to leaving Indiana. The bike shifted in the move and the hand tie down had gotten under the fender and the bouncing of the trailor made it tear ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TX to MO

In my 22yrs in the military this is the worst move I have had. It all started a pick-up when they refused to put our leather couch, chair, and foot stool in crates. It only went down hill from there. Upon delivery it was discovered that several items were missing and a lot of items broken beyond repair. Broke foot board and h...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved CA to TX
I am heart broken

Do not use this company. My family's 150 year old cherry wood dining room table that I had just had refinished to send to my daughter arrived with deep gashes on one leaf and one leg broken all the way through with the driver (or someone with Wheaton) having attempted to repair using wood glue and duct tape.  I had mistakenly...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MD to KS
Be ware

We just moved to KS from MD under Military orders.  Wheaton moving personel "lost" an enire patio set, shed, and other patio items.  They left my daughter's dresser mirror in someone elses house which arrived destroyed a month later.  All cost was estimated at around $2,000.00.  They send me a check for a whole $143. bucks.  ...[full review]

Company response to Freddy Oteromatos's review:
Thank you for providing this feedback, Mr. Oteromatos. I am very sorry for the issues you have experienced and the damages you have incurred. It must have been very disheartening for you to receive the items in that condition when the delivered to you in Kansas. As you mentioned, you did elect to waive full replacement val...

Review with image

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within NC
damage without compensation

HORRIBLE!!! They were hired by the gov’t to complete my military move. Multiple items damaged and destroyed including a brand new dresser and lost the screws to my desk. Initial settlement for damages gave very minimal compensation including a replacement value, which was half of what my desk was worth. Contacted Clara Barnet...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved AL to CA
Horrible from start to finish!

Horrible, horrible, horrible! From start to finish the experience with Wheaton was something I wouldn't wish on an enemy. The initial packing was haphazard at best. They were going to leave our belongings out on our lawn overnight because they were ready to quit for the day?!!! Arrived in California nearly 2 weeks late. Meant...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OH to AZ
The worst company ever

I got stuck with this company because  military funded this move.  Not only having a bad distribution systems, the customer service is horrible.  Mike Chandler supposed to be the management but no management skills.  He does not return client's call & constantly on the phone? I still don't have my shipment from Ohio because t...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved OK to TX
Worst Ever

This was a miltary move for us from Oklahoma to Texas.  Worst movers ever.  The packers broke several things while packing that Wheaton did not cover.  The movers "packed" items for us that were left out and never arrived.  They then began to take things out of our trash can to take with them and yelled at me for not understa...[full review]

Company response to T. S.'s review:
Dear T.S., thank you very much for providing this feedback. We are very sorry that you are dissatisfied with your move and claims resolution, but appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us. I am unable to identify you from the information given in your review. I have discussed the situation with Kathy Ke...

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within TN

The sellers were finally moving out.  This company was in charge of their moving and packing.  This company continually blocked my driveway as I was moving in and had to be asked over and over to move their trucks out of MY drivewas so MY movers and cable guy could get in and out.    I asked them to move their truck out of my...[full review]

Company response to Cw's review:
Thank you for sharing your experience with us and I am very sorry for the actions of our crew. My name is David Allen and I am the director of the customer service department at the Wheaton corporate office. Please contact me to provide me with additional information so I can identify and follow up with the crew who would h...

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved VA to WA
Stolen lenses.

Shady. I had a box set aside for items NOT to be packed. Nothing in that box was inventoried because it was NOT to be moved. After they had left I realized they had "packed" my set aside box. Upon receiving all boxes I went particularly looking for my two lenses....not to be found. In retrospect I know realize they were ta...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved TN to CA

This company is absolutely awful. They broke a leg off our loveseat, destroyed three deck chairs, snapped pieces off our treadmill, and scratched and dented every piece of wood furniture we own [full review]

5 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to IL
Atlanta to Chicago

I had an excellent experience with Wheaton. This is my 5th time using movers - the second interstate. They were prompt, polite, professional and on time. The husband-wife team of Pete and Allison were amazing. They were thorough and professional during the entire process. They cared for my belongings and my homes on ...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved within IL
Worst moving experience ever!!!

Movers were late. My husband had all boxes waiting for movers in our garage. They would not use the dolly that they had in the truck and carried out one box at a time. Our house was only 1700 square feet . It took them over 5 hours to load the truck. There were 3 guys who talked and smoked cigarettes.then after milking away t...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved DC to CA
Do Not Use Wheaton - they will lie to you to get you to sign a contract!

I recently moved across the country (Washington, DC to California), and spent ample time researching van lines before deciding to go with Wheaton--boy did I make a mistake. I interviewed five companies (Atlas, United, Mayflower, Bekins, and Wheaton) to compare prices and policies, and as it turns out was flat out lied to by m...[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved MA to NC
Local agents may be incompetent

Do not deal with Wheaton until you have visited the facilities of their local agents at both ends of the move. Their Boston agent was incompetent. Their Asheville, NC agent failed to connect the water line of my refrigerator properly, resulting in thousands of dollars of mold damage. Besides, they broke my antique furniture.[full review]

1 Star Moving Rating
Moved GA to IL
Terrible experience, do not trust

Do Not Trust This Company. We only settled with them because it would have cost us *thousands* more to go to court, and that's over and above the money we lost in terms of Wheaton's damage to our valuables. My husband and I don't have additional time for yet more hassles drawn out over months. The amount they offered wa...[full review]

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