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Review on Movers New York City

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I was VERY DISAPPOINTED in my experience with NYC-Movers and would NOT RECOMMEND them in any capacity. Their LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM was impressive by any measure and makes me wonder how a company like this can stay in business. I’ll explain my experience and hopefully it can provide guidance for your future business (or lack thereof) with this moving company.

My moving request was slightly unique, but something that any competent group of individuals should have been able to handle (or so I thought). I had a storage unit in New Jersey with my goods, which I had stored there during the summer prior to my move into New York City in the fall. Upon finding an apartment in Manhattan that fall, I called NYC-movers to arrange my move. Having no car to move my goods, I told the moving company that I wanted them to pick up my goods from storage unit (which required using an access code that I provided to enter the facility as well as use a key to unlock my unit) and then move those goods to my new apartment. The situation was slightly more complicated because I had the key to my storage unit with me so I requested the moving truck to stop by my new apartment in New York City then head to Jersey to pick up the goods and subsequently return back to my apartment with my goods. I, of course, would pay for this additional time required of the movers. While this was slightly different from the standard move, it seemed like a reasonable request.

On the day of the move, the mover called me and said he was outside waiting to pick up the key. I went outside and they were nowhere in sight. We quickly figured out that they went to my street address except in New Jersey, which apparently also existed there. The head mover suggested that I pay for this additional time to now drive to New York City from this location in New Jersey since I had clearly given his company the wrong address. Confident that I had provided the correct addresses and been abundantly clear with my directions, I called the salesmen who had arranged my moving appointment. The salesmen then confirmed that I had in fact given him the correct addresses both for my apartment in New York City and the storage facility in New Jersey.

Clearly the error had happened somewhere in the communication between the salesmen and the actual movers. I was under the impression that when a company makes a mistake like this they would cover the expenses for it; I got back in touch with the head mover and explained this new development. He proceeded to YELL AT ME as he explained that he had been given the wrong address so it wasn’t his fault and told me to call the salesmen back. At this point I was starting to get frustrated since it seemed like I was doing their job for them, but nevertheless I obliged and called back the salesmen. He told me he would call the mover, resolve this issue, and then get back to me. I literally never heard from the company again

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Quote or Order ID: CaptainKevin
Service cost: 350.00 USD

Origin pickup Country: USA
Origin pickup State: New Jersey
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Picked up: Never

Destination drop off Country: USA
Destination drop off State: New York
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Delivery: Never

Items Condition After Delivery

Dirty Items: No
Stolen Items: No
Damaged Items: No

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