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Changing Story every day for missing boxes - Moving Review

Review on President Moving & Storage

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Very patient and supportive until delivery.    Missing boxes and it was my responsibility to call them daily (they told me several times, "call back" to find out the status).  And each time received a different story:   its in the back of the truck, so when they empty the truck, they will get me the boxes; they have the box - oh but they don't;   can I fill out lost property forms; they have the boxes it will be overnighted; the boxes will be trucked and take a week; the driver will call an hour before delivery and then delivery arrived at 1AM!   And still missing a box.    Everything up until the missing boxes and then no one wanted to help.   I wholly expect that not every box would show up but was disapopointed that once I needed help in finding the boxes; it was the most frustrating experience that I recieved a different answer each time (actually the only same answer I received was "we are very busy")

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President Moving & Storage review overview

Quote or Order ID: G422619
Service cost: 1800.00 USD

Origin pickup Country: USA
Origin pickup State: New York
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Picked up: Late

Destination drop off Country: USA
Destination drop off State: Arizona
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Delivery: On time

Primary contact person (Salesman): Chris

Items Condition After Delivery

Dirty Items: No
Stolen Items: No
Damaged Items: Yes

Moving company review rating

Honesty: 3 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 3 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 0 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 0 Star Moving Rating

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