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I had a lot of boxes, so it took me about a week to unpack all of them. After a few days, I noticed that my cutting board was missing. My first thought was that one of my boxes went missing when they delivered them. Since I wasn't able to identify what other items were missing, I thought that maybe the cutting board got misplaced somehow. Only yesterday when I needed to use one of my casserole dishes, and I started looking for them, I realized that both of them were missing. So now I know for sure that one of my boxes was not delivered. I know that there were other people's boxes in the truck, too, so they either delivered the box to somebody else or just decided to not notify me about my missing box. Either way, this is unacceptable. The boxes were numbered and they should've been checked off from the list. Also, many of the boxes were damaged. This is totally unacceptable.

President Moving & Storage Company Response

Official company response to Ileana Popovici's review:

Ieleana, To recap... We moved you 3 months ago (2/25/13) from NY to NC. We apologize that your move wasn't as smooth as the others. You go online to post bad reviews MONTHS after your move passed claiming we over charged you. Please let be known we've tried to contact you multiple times regarding these reviews and you did not return our calls. We would've gladly resolved the issue if only you would of let us know about it directly. We couldn't investigate the missing box because -you- failed to tell us about it.

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Service cost: 1.00 USD

Origin pickup Country: USA
Origin pickup State: New York
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Picked up: On time

Destination drop off Country: USA
Destination drop off State: North Carolina
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Delivery: On time

Items Condition After Delivery

Dirty Items: No
Stolen Items: Yes
Damaged Items: Yes

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Honesty: 0 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 3 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 3 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 3 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 0 Star Moving Rating

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