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Review on Nationwide Van Lines

Rating: 5 Star Moving Rating , Posted by on

My experience with Nationwide Van Lines was excellent. Racheal our salesperson/customer service rep was absolutely wonderful. She was extremely patient and helpful. She was very informative throughout the entire process. She explained everything in detail. She answered all of our questions from start to finish with same pleasant attitude. She help to make the entire move as stress free as possible. The moving crew/personnel of Eric, Victor and Liel were great as well. The were fast, efficient and treated our furniture with care. Eric was informative as well throughout the entire pickup and delivery. They were on time at both the pickup and delivery locations. From our initial call to Racheal to the final delivery in Florida ..everything went smooth. There were no surprise charges etc. i can't say enough about Racheal, Eric, Victor and Liel. I would recommend Nationwide Van Lines without hesitation in the future. Thank you Racheal, Eric, Victor, and Liel.   Brian Bannister Williamstown, NJ. 

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Nationwide Van Lines review overview

Quote or Order ID:
Service cost: 1902.50 USD

Origin pickup Country: USA
Origin pickup State: New Jersey
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Picked up: On time

Destination drop off Country: USA
Destination drop off State: Florida
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Delivery: On time

Primary contact person (Salesman): Racheal Skolnik

Items Condition After Delivery

Dirty Items: No
Stolen Items: No
Damaged Items: No

Moving company review rating

Honesty: 5 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 5 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 5 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 5 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 5 Star Moving Rating

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