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Review on Beacon Moving and Storage

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I  scheduled a move with Beacon Moving & Storage (NY) early Dec. for my upcoming relocation from N.C. to O.H. The pick up date was guaranteed with a deposit ($236) and the movers never showed and never contacted me. They arrived over a week late to pick up my items but it is currently 20 days late from scheduled drop off and I have not received my items and have not received any answers from the company. The movers, customer service and dispatch are completely unprofessional. The movers took an inaccurate inventory, charged me for false space and materials used, and never wrapped any of my furniture. Management, customer service, and dispatch cut me off, talked over me, and told me they would call back numerous times, but never have. I have been relocated in a home with no furniture or belongings for about a month, and still have no idea where my belongings are or when they will arrive. This is completely unacceptable, and I would not recommend Beacon Moving and Storage (NY) to any future mover.

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Beacon Moving and Storage review overview

Quote or Order ID: 336525
Service cost: 787.00 USD

Origin pickup Country: USA
Origin pickup State: North Carolina
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Picked up: Late

Destination drop off Country: USA
Destination drop off State: Ohio
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Delivery: Never

Primary contact person (Salesman): Victor, Joe, & Gary

Items Condition After Delivery

Dirty Items: No
Stolen Items: No
Damaged Items: No

Moving company review rating

Honesty: 0 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 0 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 0 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 0 Star Moving Rating

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Review Rating: 1 Star Moving Rating

Beacon Moving and Storage ( is a complete scam. This company, ran by Victor Saban, is a disaster! Contact the NY Better Busine... - read the full review