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We contracted Karo for our move from TX to WA.Their sales people guaranteed us a price for our move, gave us a binding contract & took a 30% deposit.We had a limited budget and could not afford a surprise cost. They agreed to do our move based on our inventory list and not by weight or square footage. They affirmed that everything was locked, binding and WOULD NOT change. My husband did not want to use them because their sales person, John, had harrassed us so often, but they had the best orice, so we syupidly believed their lies and went with them.

They were supposed to be at my house on a Monday and have everything our by Tues morning because we were selling our house & people from out of state were moving in.They did not come Mon morning, Mon afternoon, Tues, etc and kept promising they would be there in a couple hours...over and over again. It was November right before Thanksgiving & almost impossible to find another cross country mover at the last secon.

They did not arrive with a truck for our move until 10 pm Wed night when we had to be out Thurs morning for good.We had the maid delayed for the final house cleaning, dust and stuf everywhere, my husband unable to finish touching up paint in the house- it was pandemonium. The owner/rep (Ricky)that came wrapped half our furniture, then increased our price $3k AFTER doing a visiual, even though we had signed a BINDING contract, not to be increased. He refused to honor it, blatantly told us it did not matter if it was in writing & no one at Karo Van Lines would assist us with the changes Ricky was making. He told us there would be no further increase, wrote this on the new contract and refused to budge, despite us protesting the increase & contacting the main # over& over for assistance, but with no help.

At 4 am, he held our items hostage & told us to pay $3500 more by check or they would leave the rest of our household items strewn about the lawn and house. We had stuff everywhere & had no options.They would not take credit card or bill us as required by federal laws, but required us to write a check which they cashed the next day. They made us sign a second contract for the increase in price and send half our items BACK down to Houston where Karo operates, so we had to wait for a 2nd truck that had half of everything in our house.

They claimed to have professional movers, but the people who moved us said they were not movers and just getting extra money on the side.They contractually agreed to crate our items, but did not crate anything & cracked our 260 gallon aquarium which is about $3k to replace the glass. They were unprofessional and used cardboard boxes to "crate" our items at a rate of $55 a box! These items being crated was part of our original contract, but now we were being charged for it.

We INSISTED on insurance for our move & had purchased an insurance policy through Karo. The insurance was in the contract and in writing from them that we had a $30k full replacement coverage with a $250 deuctible. They said we had $30k in replacement coverage in several emails and the contract,but now refuse to give us coverage and say they never purchased any insurance at all.

I have all of this in written documentation of our emails, contracts, etc. I have called them 100s of times in an atempt to resolve this dispute & NO ONE will repsond or help. This is ironic since they called us literally 7 to 10 times a week when they wanted our move. I have an attorney who has offered to help sue them, as they have violated all sorts of federal laws & violated a binding contract.We contacted AMSA, who arbitrates with movers & who Karo gave us a pamphlet for when they moved us, but found out Karo is not affiliated with AMSA. They should not have handed out AMSA's paperwork and once again, committed fraud. We have no recourse at this point, but hope other consumers with BEWARE and not use this company. This mover did not fulfill any part of the contract. They lied about every part of it. We are now left with a broken aquarium, broken crib, broken bookshelves, broken dresser, etc and no insurance to cover it. Also, they claim to not be brokers and use their trucks from start to finish, but none of teh trucks used were theirs or movers who worked with their company. It was all brokered out.

BEWARE and DO NOT USE this moving company. They will lie and tell you any price that will get you to leave the company you intended to use. Many other consumers have since posted complaints of the same nature as what happened to my family. It is evident that they are a corrupt organization that takes advantage of consumers at a vulnerable time, preying upon the fact that most consumers will not have recourse or take action against their practices. Companies like this MUST be held accountable for the protection of all consumers. If they are allowed to get away with such practices, nothing will stop them from continuing to repeat their actions.


Karo Van Lines review overview

Quote or Order ID: 587537
Service cost: 12400.00 USD

Origin pickup Country: USA
Origin pickup State: Texas
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Picked up: Late

Destination drop off Country: USA
Destination drop off State: Washington
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Delivery: Late

Primary contact person (Salesman): John, Steve (manager), Ricky (owner)
Secondary contact person: Nathan

Items Condition After Delivery

Dirty Items: No
Stolen Items: No
Damaged Items: Yes

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Honesty: 0 Star Moving Rating
Experience (Professionalism): 0 Star Moving Rating
Promptness (Hold times): 0 Star Moving Rating
Communication: 0 Star Moving Rating
Appearance: 0 Star Moving Rating

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