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Worst shippers ever - Moving Review

Review on Earth Relocation

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I have moved all over the world and have never experienced such unprofessionalism from a shipping company. The men were lazy and packed badly, Furniture was vandalized and willfully broken.An hour after I was due to leave for the airport, I was still overseeing my belongings being packed. Instead of unhooking the bed joints, a very simple process, the men violently bed solid brass brackets to wrap two separate parts together. As a result, my wife and I had to sleep on the floor while we tried to find replacements. The company claimed it had happened "in transit". Inventory was a also joke - the list stopped at 129 boxes. When they arrived some were numbered in the 300's. Many numbers were duplicated and almost none of the listed contents matched the actual contents, making the delivery of my goods a long and painful process. The after service was even worse - no attempt to apologize or rectify the situation or accept responsibility. Despite the emotional stress caused, the time spent repairing or replacing damaged items and all the problems caused, the company's response has been either silence or to tell me it was my fault. I have had to pay an extra $5,000 because of Earth Relocation's poor work - again with not so much as an apology from the company.

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worst shippers ever
worst shippers ever

Earth Relocation Company Response

Official company response to Mike's review:

Ms. Tinnie and Mr. Mike,

The comments you have in your review above are totally fake and irrelevant. We would like to alert all our clients about this review posted that it is totally baseless and we can vouch on it. We have been very responsive to all your concerns thus far. Each of your email received more than one response as it is documented and logged in your file. For example, to your notification of missing items via email received at 8:37 AM today i.e. March 6th, 2013, you have received 2 emails from our office at 9:32 AM, 9:37 AM EST to which you also replied, so you acknowledged receipt of our emails too. Therefore your number one claim of us not being responsive is totally false! To add, since you were clearly advised to take a 40 FT container by both your coordinator as well as your surveyor, Earth Relocation cannot be held accountable for your mistakes and wrong decisions taken by you and your husband of shipping all the goods only in a 20 Feet container to save money allocated by your employer and keep the extra cash. You are totally responsible for jeopardizing your move by not following the advice given by your coordinator. We were as transparent as we could have been and also shared the survey results with you unlike other moving companies.

Further, I would ask you to refrain from maligning our company's image in this fashion based on baseless claims. Clients like you have a "myway or the highway attitude". Not only you and your husband demanded compensation from our company which was unethical and extortioning but also threatened to post bad reviews if we did not do so. Our attorney is already involved in this matter and shall report your abusive review to not only this review website but also will take legal action if needed against you and your husband. We would like to also mention that when we tried to resolve the issues you guys had with the packing services, your husband clearly tried to claim the entire move cost in return of not posting any review online. Since you have already made this issue public, may I ask you a million dollar question, Why you chose to ship the goods in a 20 Feet Container when our initial quotation and survey results, both which were shared with you clearly were based on a 40 Feet Container. Regarding the missing items, we have proactively responded to you about insurance procedures and we are also searching our warehouse for those items. It is possible that things may have went missing at destination while customs inspections of your container or at the deconsolidator's warehouse, we are checking it with all parties. Finally we would like to confirm that the items you have received don't belong to any of our clients and are surely belonging to a client of our destination partner since our warehouse has an electronic in and out system which makes it impossible for the items to get lost or missing.

If you still feel that you would like to discuss this situation with our office, please contact us and we will be still glad to assist you in any way we can.

Best regards,

Earth Relocation Mgmt.

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Service cost: 8.00 USD

Origin pickup Country: USA
Origin pickup State: New York
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Picked up: On time

Destination drop off Country: Europe
Destination drop off State: United Kingdom
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Delivery: On time

Items Condition After Delivery

Dirty Items: No
Stolen Items: No
Damaged Items: Yes

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