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Best Type of Moving Option

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My daughter is moving from Okla City, OK to Scottsdale, AZ to take her first job out of college. She will not be taking any furniture, but she has a lot of clothes and, some pictures (mostly photo collages in poster frames), and some small appliances & dishes. I know we won’t be able to fit everything in her Toyota Corolla, so I am trying to figure out the best way to move some of the items. Can you put on a train? Please help with suggestions

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    Dear Susan,
    Transporting goods via train will not be the best option for you since the price will not be that good and also you will need to hire movers to load and unload the goods from the train station which will cost you extra. I you decide to use the post services, the price can be even higher and you will still need movers to transport the items to the post office.

    The best way will be to hire a moving company to do the partial load. Let them move all the big and heavy pieces. Take all the small stuff in the car to lower the moving cost even more. Get some free moving quotes from several moving companies to compare their prices. Read moving reviews to determine which is the best company to use. That way you will be sure that your items will receive professional care with the transportation. I hope that helps. Let us know how your daughter’s move went.

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