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Does the freight have to be paid in full before I file a claim?

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Does the freight have to be paid in full before I file a claim? Or can I deduct damages?

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  1. Manuella Irwin on Dec 16, 2012 Reply

    Hi Chris, unfortunately there is no explicit answer to your question because the interstate moving companies are given by law the right to limit their liability to a certain level. If you want to sue your movers, you can only sue for actual damages which means you have to pay the company full and then sue for the actual damages. But even seeking court resolution, there is no guarantee you can be fully compensated for the damages. Actually, movers limit their liability concerning items packed by owner, or items of extra ordinary value – value exceeds $100 per pound. It depends on what your Valuation Addendum states.
    Here are two posts explaining the options you have in case of a an issue:


    Hope you resolve your issue successfully. Good Luck.

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