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How to stay organized with Moving Checklist

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Read how to get organized in the most efficient way during your move.

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  1. Joanne Gray on Apr 12, 2011 Reply

    Having a moving checklist is always a good idea. As there are so many little things to remember, there is always some chance to forget something in the process.

    Printable moving checklist

    There are some free moving checklists available for you online. A moving company have prepared a printable moving checklist you can use for your move to keep track of the preparation progress. You can download it in PDF file free of charge here: http://www.xpressmovers.com/moving-checklist-movers.htm

    The My Move iPhone app

    The My Move app by MyMovingReviews has an inbuilt moving checklist you can use. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can download the app from the Apple app store or visit the app website here: http://www.mymovingreviews.com/mymove/

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