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I am looking for a moving company

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Please explain the steps in detail when looking for movers – what to look for, what to be careful about, how to stay protected, when to decide, how to get a better price and how to stay protected.

This is a summary question about the steps everyone needs to take when is about to move.

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  1. Lavish on Nov 16, 2013 Reply

    My name is A.D. I am the owner of Lavish Moving LLC.
    When looking for moving companies to move you. The cheapest prices MAY NOT be the best prices. It’s hard to find a company that is moving long haul out of state with all the things you need to know before you lock them in to safely move your home anywhere.
    - Experience
    - Reviews
    - Pricing
    - Availability
    - and time in which they can deliver
    ALSO the most important:
    - How much can they cover you insurance wise.

    I have been a mover going on 14 years professionally and its all I know.
    Always go with companies that can do the above.
    If they don’t know how long it will take to load you roughly over the phone for your size home.. red light.
    They smell like liquor or drugs.. Red light.
    If they disrespect you in person… Also red light.
    The list goes on and on…

    Happy Holidays!

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  2. Erin on Mar 17, 2014 Reply

    I definitely agree with A.D. about not always choosing the cheapest moving company, because you will get what you pay for (especially in this scenario). All of the qualifications mentioned previously are great suggestions and I would like to add a few.

    -Online reviews! (This is crucial unless you are going with a trusted recommendation, even so I would still do your research)
    -Proper equipment – This can be a great way to tell if they are a legitimate company
    -Extended coverage plan

    And to make the experience a little more enjoyable, look for companies with “Happy Movers”. Meaning well dressed and presentable individuals. You are going to be spending a good amount of time with these people (depending on the size of your home) you want to feel like you can trust them to move your belongings.

    This may be a helpful infographic to check out as well: http://www.garrettsmovinginc.com/blog/choose-best-moving-company/

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