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So, my other half decided to schedule my move with a company called Moving APT Inc. When I noticed that they were a broker I immediately panicked. This a move from Ga to NC. Do you have any information on this company and what can I expect? Should I cancel and lose the deposit or should continue with my scheduled move?

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  1. Martin Panayotov on Jun 02, 2012 Reply

    Moving brokers are middle men between you and the movers. Some moving brokers also operate as moving companies. Please read our complete guide on moving brokers here:

    Generally, you should always research your moving company before booking with them. In case you book them through a moving broker, it is hard to determine which actual moving company is going to move you until the moving day comes. It is advised that you ask your broker about the actual company that is doing your relocation so you can research that company too.

    Moving brokers should be registered and should be licensed to operate. Check the broker’s license information before booking to make sure you are dealing with a real company.

    What we suggest it going with a company you can find reviews of. Even if it is a moving broker, if you can’t find reviews on the company, we won’t suggest going with them because you don’t know what to expect and you may be dealing with a rogue mover.

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