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Relocating to Dallas

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Hi I am from North Little Rock, Arkansas and I plan on moving to Dallas by myself in July/August and I could really use help on what I need to prepare for such as:

Renting (Apartment), Finding a Job, Friendly Communities, How much I should save and so forth

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  1. Manuella Irwin on Jan 22, 2013 Reply

    Hello Renea,

    It would be easier for you to arrange the relocation if you line up the job first. Not only you’ll secure a steady income, but you can perhaps look for housing that is conveniently located to your job. Plus, knowing how much you will make monthly can help you decide on the rental price.

    There are a lot of classifieds on the Internet, for example you can start looking for a job and a rental at http://www.dallasnews.com. Zillow and Trulia can also help you find a place to live. You could also consider living in Arlington or Irving at first.

    If you are moving without having a job landed, then you should have at least savings for two months – consider rental, utilities costs etc.
    Look for a small housing and take only things you really need, when you find a job, you can consider bigger and cozier place.

    And, as it concerns the transportation of your stuff, if you are moving with a couple of suitcases, then all you need is to buy a ticket. Otherwise, taking into consideration that you are moving during summer, you should reserve a rental truck in advance. Summer is busy – full schedules and higher rates.

    Here are a few sources to check out:

    Hope that helps :)

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