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Why Hire Professional Movers?

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Why hire a moving company when I can do the move by myself (renting a truck, hiring laborers and packing by my own). What are the advantages and disadvantages of the mover?

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  1. Manuella Irwin on Nov 16, 2012 Reply

    Hi Brianna, thank you for your question.
    First let me know tell you that moving by yourself is not so easy as it may seem to you. It’s not so easy to drive a truck nor it is easy to pack electronics, glassware and breakables. Plus, if it is a more than 4-hour drive you will have to have a break, and if it’s a cross-country move, then you have to take care of hotels, tolls and parking lots. In many cases the price of the self-move is higher or at least is equal to what a reputable mover would quote you. See, if you are moving by yourself you have to leave a lot of time for planning and research if you want a cost-effective and safe move.

    Working with a professional mover gives you a lot of benefits. Professional moving companies can even foresee possible issues during the move. Plus, movers know to pack properly and how to load items in the truck to guarantee their safe transportation. Some companies even offer high-end moving service, hoisting and custom-crating. But, make sure you don’t get victimized by rogue movers.

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